How to Board LeChuck’s Ship in Return to Monkey Island

by Ami Dalsania

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship in Return to Monkey Island: At the end of the second part of Return to Monkey Island, the player will be thrown overboard and end up on the sea floor.

Guybrush is known for being able to hold his breath for eight minutes (or ten in some Monkey Island games), giving players plenty of time to help him get to safety and the series’ namesake island.

Part 3 of Return to Monkey Island is one of the shortest parts of the game, but it has some puzzles that can be hard to figure out. Again, players will have to figure out how to change Guybrush’s appearance and find out some of his worst enemy’s biggest secrets. This guide will give them all the information they need.

How to Board LeChuck’s Ship in Return to Monkey Island

After being set free, players should follow the pirate leaders to the big monkey head. Before going through the gate, they should pick up the Skull on the way there. They will also have to get the Arm Bone, which is in the far right corner of the inner area. Now that they have it, they should go back to the map screen and head to Volcano Beach.

How to Board LeChuck's Ship in Return to Monkey Island

After getting another Skull from near the water’s edge and using the knife on the dead squid to get a tentacle, players should go to the left and into the ocean. If they keep going left, they’ll find a big anchor that they can use to get to LeChuck’s ship. But for now, they should go a little farther to the left to find a fourth Skull before climbing the anchor.

Since the porthole that players used to get out of the hold in Part 2 is now closed, they only have two choices here. The first step is to go up on deck, which will lead to Guybrush being thrown overboard by Flair. Then, players should climb back up the anchor and head left to the ship’s rudder, where they’ll find Gullet again.

Players can ask to see the finished poem after talking to the former First Swab about his poetry and helping him with a few rhymes. Gullet will just say no, but if they give him the business card that the museum curator gave them in Part 1, they will be able to get Gullet’s Poems. Next, they’ll want to go back to the giant monkey head and talk to the three pirate leaders there.

If the players tell the trio that Guybrush is no longer welcome on the ship, Lila will suggest that Guybrush’s appearance be changed with dark magic.

She only needs something very personal from one of the ship’s crew members to do this, so players should give her the poetry book and let her do her thing. Then, they can use the poetry book to turn into Gullet, which gives them full control of the ship.