How to Become a Discord Partner

by Sourabh

There are several best advantages you get when you become a discord partner, for instance, after a part of discord partner program you will get a vanity URL which is a custom URL, server banners, animated server icon, High voice bitrate, fancy partner sever badge, custom invite splash, and a lot more benefits.

Here in this article, we have lined up the step-by-step procedure by following you can apply to become a discord partner. But before that, make sure you have enough engagement stats for eligibility otherwise you will not get selected.

So now follow to below steps to apply for the discord partner program.

Step: 1

Open your discord server from the left server bar.

Step: 2

Click on the server name, and now select sever settings option from the drop-down menu.

Note: Only eligible users can see the server setting option.

Step: 3

After that, in the server settings option there is option of “enable community” on the last of left sidebar. Click on that.

Step: 4

Now in new community window click on get started button after that tick verified email required and scan media content from all member’s options. Then hit the next button.

Step: 5

Next, if you have channels then select those if you don’t have then continue with creating one for me option on both menus. Click next.

Step: 6

Now check the all boxes of last step that ask you for notification and rules. Hit next button.

Step: 7

After finishing setup, you’ll be on the community setting window where on the left sidebar look for the partner programs option. Click on that.

Step: 8

Now select apply for partnership. If you can’t able to hit the button that means you’re not eligible for this.

Step: 9

After hitting apply for partnership option you’ll have to fill out the form by giving answers and details of social media, website, server, and more.

Step: 10

After you filled the form, hit the submit button. That’s it now you have applied for the discord partner program now just wait till the discord team will verify the details and sever.

Eligibility requirements to become a discord partner

There are several points you have to follow to be eligible to apply for discord partner.

  1. Server age should be 8 weeks.
  2. 50 active users exist on the server.
  3. 20% retention rate on the server.
  4. All admins of server should enable 2FA for accounts.
  5. Server should have up to 500 members.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to become discord partner

Is it easy to get discord partnership?

Yes, if your server follows rules and has fulfilled the eligibility requirements. Otherwise, it’s hard to become a discord partner.

Do you have to be 13 to use Discord?

Yes, The minimum age to access Discord is 13

Does Discord ask for a birthday?

Yes, to use legally discord you should be over 13 years old.

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