How to Beat the Spider Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

by Kirti Rajput

How to Beat the Spider Guardian in Sonic Frontiers : In Sonic Frontiers, you are a seasoned Guardian-stomper when you get to Chaos Island. Or at least you might feel like one. Even so, you might notice that some of the Guardian fights here use the same enemy but a different color, like in the Final Fight. But there are still new things to find here, like the Spider Guardian. This thing definitely has some tricks up its sleeve.

How to Beat the Spider Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

At first, the fight with the Spider Guardian makes sense. Because it’s a spider, its legs are moving in ways that could hurt you. You’ll see that its, um, feet are glowing, which is a universal sign in video games of a weak spot.

The Spider Guardian is aware of this, though, and has shields around its toes to protect them. But you know what to do. You can either Cyloop them when they hit the ground, or you can do a Homing Attack and then use Quick Cyloop to make the force fields go away.

How to Beat the Spider Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

Now it’s time to deal the usual amount of damage while it’s still stunned. But not because Spider Guardian watched the tapes and knows what’s coming. So Sonic is thrown into space like a piece of trash. Now comes the real fight.

As Sonic falls back to Earth, the game changes to free fall mode (or Mobius or whatever). Dangerous things show up right away, and you probably don’t want to touch them.

You do want to touch the blue rings that glow, though. Going through the rings turns them into energy balls that attack Spider, kind of like a weird mobile game.

One of two things can happen when it’s time to land. If you didn’t hit enough rings, Sonic will be sent flying back up into the sky. If you do enough damage, a cool little animation will play and the fight will go on.

Spider Guardian doesn’t just stand there and take it like other Guardians do. Its core is wide open, so you can hit it as hard as you want.

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