How To Be Seat Filler At The Oscars 2023

by Ami Dalsania

How To Be Seat Filler At The Oscars: Want to meet some of Hollywood’s most famous people? Then you might want to know how to fill seats at the Oscars.

It’s not often that you can go to the Oscars. Every year, only a few of the biggest names in entertainment show up at the Oscars. Many people who work in film see it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Well, for a lot of people, not just actors like Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis. So, it makes sense that being a seat filler at a ceremony for the night is a very sought-after job.

Before this year’s Oscars, which will be held at the Dolby Theatre on March 12th, we look at how you can get into the event.

How To Be Seat Filler At The Oscars

You can only fill a seat at the Oscars if you have a family member who works for the Academy or if you work for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC is the company in charge of keeping track of how the Oscar votes are counted.

A seat filler at the 2003 Oscars who didn’t want to be identified told AV Club how they got the job. They said that a family member who works at the Academy asked them to fill a seat.

“It’s not something for which you can just apply and hope you get picked,” they said. “When I got there, I did have to fill out some forms. All kinds of things when they say, “I know that if I act up,

There is a simple reason why people are hired to fill seats at events like the Oscars. They are making sure that there are no empty seats at Hollywood’s biggest event.

Seat fillers are there so that when the TV cameras look at the crowd, it looks like everyone is there.

The Oscars go on for a long time. People in the crowd need to get up to use the bathroom, get something to drink, or just take a break. When they get up, someone else takes their place.

This is also true when the winners come out to accept their prizes. After winning an Oscar, the winner is taken backstage for interviews and photos with the press.

So, it takes longer for them to get back to their seats. While they are backstage, seat fillers sit in their place.

Even though the Oscars keep their exclusive status by only letting family members of Academy members or PwC employees work as seat fillers, it is much easier to take part in other major events.

Through a website called Seat Fillers And More, you can become a seat filler at The Grammys and other big award shows. Just make an account and apply for the ceremonies that the agency lists. The BET Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, and the NAACP Image Awards are some of the other events they are in charge of.