How to activate UAV Tower in DMZ Warzone 2

by Narendra

How to activate UAV Tower in DMZ Warzone 2: In the new DMZ mode of Warzone 2, players have to finish different missions all over the huge Al Mazrah map. This unique extraction mode, which is similar to Escape from Trakov, has been a big hit with players so far because it gives them something new and different to do.

But since many of the players have never played this kind of game before, there is bound to be some confusion. In this guide, we show you how to start the “Al-Qatala Information” mission in DMZ Warzone 2 by turning on the UAV 1 Tower.

How to activate UAV Tower in DMZ Warzone 2

So, how do you turn on a UAV Tower in the DMZ? We need this to finish the Legion faction’s “Al-Qatala Information” mission. The truth is that this task is pretty simple and easy. But many players are confused because they don’t know what the UAV Tower is in DMZ. They don’t know what to look for in Al Mazrah because of this.

You’ll need to use your map to find it, just like you would for many other places in DMZ. Now, the key is to zoom in the right way.

Because if you zoom out, not every map marker will show up. There are a lot of POIs, and it can be hard to find the one you need.

And we need to look for a white radar tower icon to do this. Check out our picture to see what it looks like. In Al Mazrah, there are 16 UAV towers. So, when you spawn, look for the one closest to you because it’s less likely that someone else will be there.

When you get to the UAV tower, all you have to do is use the laptop to finish the “Activate 1 UAV Tower” task. When you turn it on, some NPCs will show up, and you’ll have to deal with them.

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