How to Acquire Basilisk Found in Police Stations DMZ

by Anchal Thakur

How to Acquire Basilisk Found in Police Stations DMZ: Not sure how to “get a Basilisk,” which is usually “found in police stations” in DMZ? In the DMZ mode of Warzone 2, you can go on an adventure on the Al Mazrah map and complete a number of fun missions.

The popular Escape from Tarkov game was a big influence on MW2’s DMZ, but the missions go even further. This guide shows you how to finish the “Badge of Honor” mission in the DMZ.

You can find out where a Police Station is and where the Basilisks pistol is in DMZ.

How to Acquire Basilisk Found in Police Stations DMZ

In MW2’s DMZ mode, the White Lotus faction gives one of the Tier 1 missions called “Badge of Honor.” And there are two things to do. After you finish the first one, the second one is pretty simple.

You have to use a Basilisk to kill 13 enemies with headshots. You only need good skills, and you already know what to do. Some players don’t understand how to finish the first part, though.

How to Acquire Basilisk Found in Police Stations DMZ

They aren’t sure about the two steps in this case. First, a tac-map can’t help them find a police station. Second, they often can’t find the gun.

So, if you want to find a Police Station on the Al Mazrah map, you will need to look for an icon that looks like a white badge. You can see exactly what we mean by looking at the map below.

As soon as you find the station closest to you, go there right away. But some Police Stations are locked and others are not. So, to open them, you’ll need a key (random drop).

First get rid of the NPCs, then look for the Basilisk. The gun won’t always be in the same place, though. So, you’ll have to look for it. Sometimes it will be inside the station building, and sometimes, like this time, it will be outside.

So, make sure to look inside the station and in the area around it. And you’ll find the gun in the end. So, this is the end of our “Get the Basilisk Found in Police Stations in DMZ Warzone 2” guide.