How Old Is Tiffany Chen?

by Rajitha Reddy

How Old Is Tiffany Chen: Robert De Niro, a well-known actor, surprised everyone this week when he said that he has one more child than we thought, because a new baby was just born.

At the time this was written, no one knew who the mother of De Niro’s latest child was. This led some people on the Internet to ask about the age difference between the Raging Bull star and his rumored girlfriend, Tiffany Chen.

When Hollywood star De Niro casually told a journalist from a Canadian entertainment site that his seventh child had just been born, the news must have come as quite a shock.

“Seven, actually,” was De Niro’s blunt answer to the ET Canada reporter who said in an interview question about fatherhood that the actor had six children.

De Niro became a dad for the first time in 1976, when he and his then-wife, Diahnne Abbott, had their first child, Raphael.

As of May 9, when this article was written, De Niro hadn’t said who the mother of his seventh child is. But it has been said that the actor is dating Louise Cheng, who is an expert in martial arts.

How Old Is Tiffany Chen?

De Niro and Chen worked together behind the scenes on The Intern, which came out in 2015, and have reportedly been seen together in public more than once.

According to a quote from her website, Chen competed in her first martial arts event when she was 16 years old, in 1994. This means that in 2023, she will be 45 or 46 years old.

De Niro was born in August 1943, so the two of them are about 35 years apart in age.

When De Niro’s new child was announced on Twitter, there was some confusion about who the possible mother is and how old she is.

The confusion came from the fact that there is another well-known actress named Tiffany Chen who works in the business, but she does not seem to be related to De Niro in any way.

The other Tiffany Chen is 64 years old and makes movies in Taiwan. Several people on Twitter and some news outlets mixed up the two when they wrote about it.

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