How Much Does The Nfl Sunday Ticket Cost In 2022?

by Kirti Rajput

How Much Does The Nfl Sunday Ticket Cost In 2022: The second week of the 2022 NFL season is over, and fans can’t wait for Sunday night’s game between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. Here’s how much it will cost you to sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

The games on Sunday and Monday nights will make Week 2 of the NFL extra special for ticket holders.

NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t a real stadium ticket, even though the name makes it sound like it. It is actually a TV package that lets football fans watch any NFL game they want and also shows games that don’t make it to TV.

How Much Does The Nfl Sunday Ticket Cost In 2022?

How Much Does The Nfl Sunday Ticket Cost In 2022?

The company that sells multiple video channels has three different packages with different prices.

Here are the prices of their packages as of right now:

Choice: $69,99 plus tax per month for 12 months
Ultimate: $89.99 + tax per month for a year
Premier: $139.99 per month plus tax for 12 months
For the 2022 season, the prices of all of these packages have gone down by $10.

You can buy the packages from DirecTV online or by calling 855 644 1004 to do so.

How to buy Nfl Sunday Ticket

You don’t have to buy DirecTV packages to get the Sunday Ticket. You can get it directly from the website. The first service can only be used online. But there are a number of restrictions.

The website says that the service is only for people who don’t have DirecTV and live in apartments or buildings with more than one unit and where DirecTV is not available.

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It is also only for people who live in certain areas where they can’t get DirecTV satellite service because of something that blocks satellite signals.

College students who are enrolled or have been enrolled in the past can also use the service.

After the 2022 football season, DirecTV’s contract to be the only provider of NFL Sunday Ticket will end.

In July, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that the rights to their Sunday Ticket service, which began with DirecTV in 1994 and ran for almost 30 years, will be given to a streaming service.

He told CNBC, “I have no doubt that we will move to a streaming service.”

At the time this was written, the streaming service hadn’t been given a name.