How many map areas are there in Elden Ring?

by Narendra

How many map areas are there in Elden Ring?: Lands Between is a really big map in Elden Ring that is great for fast-paced action. You have hills, mountains, forests, swamps, cities, and just about everything else. Let’s look at the most important parts of the map of the Elden Ring.

How big is the map in Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring map includes 14 different regions:

  1. Academy of Raya Lucaria
  2. Ainsel River
  3. Atlus Plateau
  4. Caelid
  5. Castle Morne
  6. Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow
  7. Leyndell, Royal Capital
  8. Limgrave
  9. Liurnia of the Lakes
  10. Roundtable Hold
  11. Siofra River
  12. Stormhill
  13. Stormveil Castle
  14. Weeping Penninsula

Before you can see the whole map for each region, you need to get a piece of it. Near the glowing pillars, you can find pieces of maps with writing on them. Most of the time, they are near roads.

Elden Ring map fragment locations

You can find map fragments at the following locations:

  • West Lingrave
  • East Lingrave
  • Weeping Penninsula
  • Caelid
  • Dragonbarrow
  • East Liurnia
  • North Liurnia
  • West Liurnia
  • Altus Plateau
  • Mt. Gelmir
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital
  • West Mountaintops of the Giants
  • East Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Siofra River

Players will start the game at the bottom of the map and work their way up, exploring Limgrave, Stormhill, Stormveil Castle, Mistwood Weeping Peninsula, Liurnia of the Lakes, and so on.

The map of the Elden Ring also shows a lot of other interesting places, like underground places and snowy mountain places. Below is a map of the capital of the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring boss locations

Boss locations in Limgrave

Limgrave Map LocationBoss Name
Coastal CaveDemi-Human Chiefs
Stormfoot CatacombsBurial Tree Watchdog
Groveside CaveBeastman of Farum Azula
Limgrave TunnelsStonedigger Troll
Murkwater CatacombsGrave Warden Duelist
Agheel RiverBloody Finger Nerijus
Murkwater CavePatches
Highroad CaveGuardian Golem
Deathtouched CatacombsBlack Knife Assassin
Colosseum RoadRecusant Henricus
Waypoint RuinsMad Pumpkin Head
Highway BridgeNight’s Cavalry
Church Of Elleh RoadTree Sentinel
Agheel LakeFlying Dragon Agheel
Summonwater VillageTibia Mariner
Smoldering ChurchAnastasia, Tarnished-Eater
Forlorn Hound EvergaolBloodhound Knight Darriwil
Stormhill EvergaolCrucible Knight
Warmaster’s ShackBell Bearing Hunter
Fringefolk Hero’s GraveUlcerated Tree Spirit
Stormveil CastleCrucible Knight, Grafted Scion,  Margit, The Fell Omen, Godrick The Grafted

Boss location in Weeping Peninsula

Weeping Peninsula Map LocationBoss Name
Impaler’s CatacombsBurial Tree Watchdog
Earthbore CaveRunebear
Castle Morne RampartNight’s Cavalry
Castle Morne OutskirtsDeathbird
Tombsward CatacombsCemetary Shade
Minor ErdtreeErdtree Avatar
Morne TunnelScaly Misbegotten
Weeping EvergaolAncient Hero Of Zamor
Castle MorneLeonine Misbegotten