How many hot dogs has joey chestnut eaten in this life?

by Narendra

How many hot dogs has joey chestnut eaten in this life?: Joey Chestnut is the reigning champion of the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, which he has won 15 times. How many hot dogs does he think he has eaten in his lifetime?

Joey has demonstrated to the entire world that he is one of a kind over the course of his life. Since 2005, he has held the title of champion at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Keeping this information in mind, people were not shocked at all when he was declared the victor once again in 2022.

But how many hot dogs does he claim to have eaten in his lifetime, and what is his winning record like?

How many hot dogs has joey chestnut eaten in this life?

Although it is difficult for us to give you an exact number, we do have a general idea of the number of hot dogs that the competitive eater has consumed over the course of his various competitions.

Since making his debut in 2005, Joey has reportedly consumed more than 19,200 hot dogs, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

However, this total does not take into account the eating patterns he maintained during the qualifying events, while he was training, or even when he was not living the life of a competitive eater.

On the basis of this, we are able to deduce that the number is substantially greater than the one that was just presented.

Joey Chestnut wins record 15th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

In 2022, Joey participated in the annual hot dog eating contest held by Nathan’s Famous once more. Since he had won the competition in 2021, it was natural that everyone’s attention was focused on him.

After observing how the competitors performed, it was revealed at the conclusion of the event that Joey had prevailed in the contest once again, making this victory his 15th overall victory. It came to light that he had consumed approximately 63 hot dogs in the course of this year.

In the meantime, Geoffrey Esper finished in second place, but he still managed to consume approximately 20 hot dogs.

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