How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2022

by Narendra

The most important Hindu holiday is Durga Puja. The people of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, and Tripura had more fun and entertainment at this festival.

In the Hindu calendar, the Durga Festival is held in the month of Ashwan. We have updated the meaning of Durga Puja and the information about Durga Puja Virat, which people can check out below.

Before that, let’s think about how many days are left until Durga Puja in 2022. It will be 96 days until Durga Puja. On October 1, 2022, the Durga Puja will start. Keep reading to learn more about Durga Puja 2022 and to find out why we celebrate it.

When Is Durga Puja 2022?

Durga Pooja 2022 will begin on October 01, 2022, ending on October 05, 2022. Thus the Durga Puja is on October 01, 2022.

Maha Sashti01 October 2022
Maha Saptami02 October 2022
Maha Ashtami03 October 2022
Maha Navami04 October 2022
Vijaya Dashami05 October 2022

Why We Celebrate Durga Pooja?

Hindus in India have a big party for Durga Pooja. People celebrate this day to remember how Goddess Durga beat Mahishasur in battle and killed him. It is thought that the Goddess Durga came to earth on this day. The party went on for ten days, and on each of those days, people did certain things.

And on Durga Puja, they would fast, which is called Durga Puja Virat. Durga Puja was held for five days, and each day had a religious meaning and a place in the history of the Hindu religion.

The fight between the devas and the demons is the focus of the five days. Hindu mythology is shaped by the strong religious beliefs of a time when people carefully followed their traditions without any problems. The five most important days of Durga Puja in 2022 are,

  • Shashthi
  • Maha Saptami
  • Maha Ashtami
  • Maha Navami
  • Vijayadashami

Most people want to know how many days are left until Durga Puja 2022. On October 1, 2022, the Durga Pooja will start.

Durga Puja Fast

Durga Puja is the most auspicious holiday, and people in West Bengal get very excited about it. People fast during the days of Durga Pooja. This is what the term “Durga Puja Virat” means. Because of this, most people want to know more about Durga Puja Virat. People used to fast and pray to the Goddess Durga as part of the Durga Puja Virat. For Durga Puja 2022, the Durga Puja Virat is more important.