How Long to Beat Hi-Fi Rush Game?

by Narendra

How Long to Beat Hi-Fi Rush Game? We’re going to tell you how long the game will take to finish. We’ll give an estimate for both people who only want to do the most important missions and people who want to do everything. Since the title is so new, these numbers are, of course, educated guesses.

How Long to Beat Hi-Fi Rush Game?

At the time this article was written, it was too soon to say for sure how long it takes to beat Hi-Fi Rush. Some players, though, have already done the math to figure out how much content the game has.

First of all, it’s important to remember that the title costs $30. Even though Bethesda is the publisher and Tango Gameworks is the developer, that is only half the price of a typical triple-A game.

From these facts, we can tell that the event will probably be shorter than usual. The main story will take about fifteen to twenty hours to finish, according to this post by Steam user NostromoXP.

There are twelve levels in Hi-Fi Rush, and each one can take anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes to finish.

So, that’s probably the most likely answer to how long it will take the average player to beat Hi-Fi Rush. But, as NostromoXP says, there are challenges to finish and parts of the levels you can’t get to on the first try.

So, if you want to finish the game, you can probably expect to spend more than thirty hours on it. Of course, how well you do overall and how much you explore each level are also important.

I think you get a good amount of value for your money. No matter what happens, we’ll make sure to update the article when we have more accurate numbers.

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