How do I remove a device from BT virus protect?

by Narendra
  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Programs.
  4. Select both the BT Virus Protect options on the next screen.
  5. Check the SiteAdvisor check boxes, then click Remove.
  6. Once the software has been deleted.
  7. Click on Restart now to restart your PC.
  8. Click “Run” to run it right away.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the BT Virus Protect. It is a virus protection software that has been around for many years and was formerly quite popular. I remember my parents using it when I was a kid. Anyway, there are several aspects of this program that many people are unaware of, such as how to delete their device from its list of protected devices

How to get BT Virus Protect

How do I uninstall BT virus protection?
Locating a legitimate anti-virus program, installing it, and performing a scan for viruses is one of the best ways to remove BT virus protect.
There are three essential measures that can be taken to eradicate the virus. First, you must delete all virus-related files from your computer. The simplest method is to delete all folders and files associated with BT software protector from the computer or an external storage device, so that it cannot be reinstalled. Next, select Control Panel>Application>Programs and Features>Uninstall Programs from the menu.știiștii?știiștii? Search for anything even remotely associated with this type of app or security program; delete any entries that appear on the screen that appear suspicious, such as those containing the word they.

Don’t buy an anti-virus in 2022

Please delete this product from your computer if you are not subscribed to BT virus protect for internet security and no longer wish to use it. To accomplish this:

  1. Click Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs, then select BT Virus Protect 2006 and click remove, or highlight the program and press the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard (to find uninstall information for any other software installed with BT virus protect, we recommend typing “uninstall” into’search programs & files’).

After the program has been uninstalled, restart the computer to complete the process.

If, after rebooting, you discover that a different version of the software has started up, repeat steps 1 and 2.

If you are currently utilizing BT virus protect and wish to deactivate it, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Security Center.
  2. Click the “Firewall” tab, followed by “Turn off firewall” Uncheck the box next to “Automatically detect settings” and click the OK button if it is checked.
  3. Restart your computer for the modifications to take effect. Allowing unprotected Internet access is not recommended, so we advise restarting in safe mode (see below). If infected files remain after rebooting, they can be eliminated using an anti-virus application.


How do I regain access to my computer if it will not boot up?
If you’ve tried the above solutions and Windows still won’t load, enter safe mode. On a cold boot, repeatedly press F8 to access the Advanced Boot Options menu (note that doing this may stop some printers and other devices from working). Then, select “Safe Mode” using either the up/down arrow keys or the cursor keys, and press Enter.

How do I stop a trojan downloader from overriding Windows’ safe mode?
To prevent this, use the up/down arrow keys to highlight “safe mode with network support” and press enter while in safe mode. If your computer freezes, you can also try “disable automatic restart on system failure.”

How do I eliminate trojans if I do not have an anti-virus program?
If you still have access to other computers, you may be able to use BitDefender’s online scanner at to scan a disc image of your infected hard drive. If not, see our advice on computer crime for information on how to delete files securely using Windows Advanced Boot Options if you haven’t already.

Typically, there will be a set of options that allow you to specify which programs and driver files to load when Windows starts. The preceding steps demonstrate how to enter safe mode with network support in safe mode (which is more likely to work than trying it in command prompt)

Once you have accomplished this, proceed as follows:
1) Click Start followed by Run. The “Run” box will become visible. Enter each of the following commands followed by Enter:

systemroot percent system32 (This action navigates to the system directory.)

omit *. * /s/q (This removes all files and subfolders from each folder on your hard drive.)

2) Reboot your system.

3) Upon starting Windows, you will be prompted to insert the disk that came with your computer. Follow these steps and format your hard drive (do not use quick format). To avoid losing important files, you should copy them to a different directory on a different drive prior to formatting. For information on how to delete files securely using Windows Advanced Boot Options, please refer to our guidance on computer crime.

Typically, there will be a set of options that allow you to specify which programs and driver files to load when Windows starts. The preceding steps demonstrate how to enter safe mode with network support in safe mode (which is more likely to work than trying it in command prompt)

Note that Norton Antivirus allows you to scan a disk image before formatting your hard drive if you want to ensure that all traces of the trojan have been removed.

How do I get rid of a trojan in Windows 95/98/ME?
Numerous trojans that target these operating systems simply cause them to crash and reboot the computer. You will then arrive at a rescue prompt; press F5 or F8 (the former will provide more options) and type “fixmbr” followed by Enter. After completing this, restart the computer normally. If fixmbr does not resolve the issue, repeat the process until it does; however, some older versions of Windows 95 will not recognize this command and will continue to display the same error message with each restart.

In certain circumstances, none of these solutions may work. Insert your Windows CD and boot from it if this occurs. Then, follow the steps in the section titled “How do I remove a trojan in Windows 98/ME?” (as shown below)

How do I eliminate a trojan from Windows 98/Me?
Warning! Before removing any files from your hard drive, ensure that you have successfully booted from a non-infected floppy disk, CD-ROM, or another operational hard drive; otherwise, you risk corrupting both your primary and backup drives. Ensure that nobody is likely to turn off the PC’s power supply or main switch in the near future.

We strongly advise that you have a recent backup of your hard drive, or at least of all essential files such as work-related documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, etc (important email messages should be backed up separately). It is also recommended that you install anti-virus software prior to carrying out this procedure. You can create a backup by copying files from your hard disk to another (off) computer on the network, or to a floppy disk, Zip drive, or CD-R. Alternatively, you can use Norton Ghost (or a comparable program) to create an image of the C: directory on your hard drive and save it for later retrieval.

How do I uninstall BT virus protect from a device?

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select the Control Panel option.
  3. On the following screen, select BT Virus Protect.
  4. Select the SiteAdvisor boxes and then click Remove.
  5. After the software has been uninstalled.
  6. Select Restart now to restart your computer.
  7. Click “Run” to execute it immediately.


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