How do I delete old emails in Gmail in bulk [New]

by Narendra

You can also look for older emails that are older than a year.

  1. To type older than.
  2. Emails that are more than a year old are shown.
  3. For months, you can use m.
  4. For days or a mix of those days to look for them.
  5. If you want to delete all of them at the same time.
  6. Then, click the Check all box.

How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail In Bulk

How do I delete thousands of emails from Gmail?

Select the “Delete All Messages” option in Gmail. Sign in to your Gmail account like you normally would. Pick up all the messages. Next, check a small box under the search bar to select all the emails that come up. n Pick all of the conversations?

How do I delete all emails from a certain date range in Gmail?

Before: After: Use the advanced search operators before and after to narrow down your time range. Click the checkbox that says “Select all.” Click the “Select all conversations that match this search” link. All the talks have now been chosen. You have to click Delete.

How can I delete thousands of emails in Gmail by date?

You can search for emails that are no more than a year old. If you choose “older than 1 year,” you’ll get emails that are more than a year old. You could also put m or d between the years and days. To get rid of them all, check the box that says “Check all” and then click “Select all conversations that match this search.”

How do I get Gmail to delete more than 50 emails?

Get rid of all the emails in your Gmail inbox. Go to your Gmail account and click the blank square in the example below.

How do I delete 3000 emails in Gmail?

On the left side of the Gmail page, click “More.” Then, choose “All Mail” from the list. Mark the box next to “Compose” on the left side of the Gmail page.

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