How Do I Cut Out An Object In Illustrator?

by Narendra

There are several methods for removing an object in Illustrator.

  1. To cut out an object, you can use the Selection tool and click and drag on it.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the Direct Selection tool to isolate the object you wish to remove.
  3. The Rectangular Marquee tool can also be used to cut out an object.

How to cut out an image / object in Illustrator CC 

Cut Out Objects In Illustrator

Is it possible to cut out an object in Illustrator?

Yes, you can use Illustrator to cut out an object. To begin, select the object you want to remove. Then, select the entire object with the Selection tool (V). Then, using the Cut command (X), remove the object.

In Illustrator, how do I cut out a portion of a shape?

To cut out a shape in Illustrator, use the Rectangle Tool. To begin, select the Rectangle Tool and drag a rectangle onto the artboard. When you let go of the mouse button, Illustrator will make a rectangular selection around the dragged object. Then, using the Selection Tool, cut out the selected area.

How do I cut a shape from a photograph?

There are several methods for cutting shapes from photographs. One method is to cut out the desired shape using a photo editor such as Photoshop or GIMP. Another option is to use a digital picture frame and print out the desired shape.

How do I use Illustrator’s Knife tool?

First, select the Knife tool from the toolbar. Then, to make a path, click and drag. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts: CMD+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) (Windows).

In Illustrator 2020, how do I cut an image out of a picture?

In Illustrator 2020, there are several ways to extract an image from a picture. To select an image, use the Selection tool and click and drag on it. Then, using the Cut command (Ctrl + X), remove the image.

How does Illustrator’s slice tool work?

Illustrator includes a slice tool that lets you cut out specific objects or areas of an object. To use the slice tool, first select the object or area to be cut. Then, using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+X or Cmd+X), select the objects or areas you want to remove.

How do you use Illustrator’s Scissors tool?

To use the Scissors tool in Illustrator, go to the Tools panel and select it. Then, using your mouse, create a selection area around the object you want to cut. Finally, cut the selected object with the scissors tool.

In Illustrator, how do you cut out the middle of an image?

There are several ways to accomplish this in Illustrator. One method is to employ the Rectangle Tool (M). Drag the mouse around the area you want to remove, then release the button. The rectangle will be selected and filled with the color of your current layer. To delete it, press the Delete key (or Backspace) or go to Edit > Cut.

In Illustrator, how do you subtract a shape from an image?

To subtract a shape from an image in Illustrator, select the shape and then click the Subtract button (or press Ctrl+T).

In Illustrator 2021, how do I use the slice tool?

To begin using the slice tool in Illustrator 2021, select the object to be sliced. Then, using the cursor, select the area to be sliced. Finally, cut the selected area from the object using the keyboard shortcuts (Control + J or Command + J).

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