How Did Singer Mikaben Die? Cause of Death of Mikaben

by Anchal Thakur

How Did Singer Mikaben Die? Cause of Death of Mikaben: Everyone was shocked when they heard that singer Mikaben had died on stage while performing in Paris.

Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin was only 41 years old when he died. He was the son of the famous singer Lionel Benjamin. Everyone was shocked to hear about his death.

People were quick to talk about how sad it was to lose a great artist at such a young age on social media.

How Did Singer Mikaben Die?

The Guardian says that Mikaben died of a heart attack. On Saturday, October 15, the singer passed out while singing on stage at an event in Paris.

The singer was invited by the Haitian group Carimi to perform at the Accor Arena in the east of Paris.

In a tweet, the venue also confirmed that he had died. They wrote, “Last night at the Carimi concert, one of the singers, Michael Benjamin, whose artist name was Mikaben, died after getting sick on stage, even though the emergency services were called.”

The statement went on to say, “The whole Accor Arena team is deeply saddened by this and is sending all of its support to his family and loved ones during this painful time.”

Who Was Mikaben?

According to his website, Mikaben was a singer, composer, and producer. His style would change, and there was no kind of music he didn’t know about.

Over the years, the singer had made a number of songs that had been seen by millions of people. Baby I Missed You, Fanm Sa Move, and many other songs were big hits.

He can also sing in English, French, Creole, and Spanish, among other languages. He also plays the guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, and other instruments.

He began making music when he was only 14 years old. As a child, he always saw his father write and play music. As he kept following in his dad’s footsteps, he was definitely one of his biggest inspirations.

Fans reactions Mikaben Die

Fans were shocked by the singer’s sudden death, and many people took to social media to share their feelings about it.

“It’s so sad that the great Haitian singer @mikaben has died,” wrote one user. He was a very interesting voice in the country’s music scene and a great representative of the good things about Haiti that aren’t talked about enough when the country is talked about abroad. A wise & generous soul.”

Another said, “A lot of us grew up listening to #Mikaben, and he was one of those artists who could sing in any language—Creole, French, Spanish, and English. If you could sing like him, you would have a great vibe..pure that’s talent.” Thanks again Mikaben Your Arts will always be on.”