How can I delete my Tally ERP 9 account [New]

by Narendra

Go to the Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Ledgers > Alter > Press Alt+D. Note: If no vouchers have been made under the ledger, you can delete it. If you want to get rid of a ledger for which vouchers have already been made, you must first get rid of all the vouchers and then get rid of the ledger account.

How to delete company in tally erp 9

How do I delete the account entries in Tally?

In the Account Settings table (shown above), select Entry. Click Alt D-Enter when you’re done.

How do I delete Tally?

Tally is great online accounting software that comes with powerful features, great customer service, and several important tools for businesses. Tally is a great online accounting program with strong features, great customer service, and many useful tools for businesses. Go to the Tally. Developer installation folder on your computer. Double-click on the Setup.exe icon.

How do I delete my Tally username and password?

Start by creating an account with the administrator login and password from the Gateway of Tally. From the Gateway of Tally, click the Comp Info (button) or press Alt+F3. Select “Change” from the menu that appears. A list of companies will be shown on the tally screen.

How do I get deleted entry in Tally ERP 9?

If you delete a voucher, it must first be restored or retrieved through the gateway of the tally. All of the vouchers that were thrown away can be found in the recycle bin. Select the voucher you want to restore and press Enter. You will get a warning that says, “About to RESTORE Voucher.

How can enabling the Delete option in Tally ERP 9 be?

In order to use the Tally. Go to the Gateway to Tally and press F11: Features. Added Features Set “Yes” to the options for “Enable Delete Control?” and “Enable Cancel Control?” in the Detailed User Guide: 1) Once this feature has been turned on, users will not be able to delete on their own.

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