Homebody Preferences Sims 4: Guide

by Ami Dalsania

Homebody Preferences Sims 4: In The Sims 4, the “Homebody” trait is a personality trait that can be assigned to a sim during the Create-a-Sim (CAS) process or by using the “Modify in CAS” option in the sim’s inventory.

Sims with the Homebody trait enjoy staying at home and are happiest when surrounded by familiar surroundings and comfortable things. They will often be found lounging around the house, watching TV, and relaxing.

Homebody Preferences Sims 4

Homebodies have the following preferences:

  • They prefer to stay at home instead of going out.
  • They enjoy watching TV, playing video games and reading books.
  • They prefer to spend time with their family and friends at home.
  • They dislike going to parties and social events.
  • They will feel uncomfortable when they are away from home for too long.

Having the homebody trait will affect the sims behavior and mood, they will be happier when they are at home and will be less likely to want to go out and explore. They may also be more prone to feeling uncomfortable when they are away from home for too long.

Players can use this trait to create a sim that would be more inclined to stay home, enjoy the comfort of their surroundings and have a more relaxed lifestyle. It can be a great trait for sims who are into home entertainment and relaxation, but it may not be the best trait for sims who are more outgoing and enjoy socializing.

As in real life, the trait can be a balance between having a preference for staying home and not wanting to be too isolated from the world. The game gives players the flexibility to create a sim that reflects their own preferences and lifestyle.