Henry Kyemba Cause Of Death : News

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Henry Kyemba Cause Of Death : The passing of a prominent figure like Henry Kyemba brings with it a wave of emotions and a chance to reflect on his significant contributions to Ugandan politics.

Born on February 8, 1937, Kyemba’s life journey was intertwined with political upheaval and the silent battle against diabetes. Let’s delve into his remarkable story.

Life and Times of Henry Kyemba

Henry Kyemba was more than a political figure; he was a man of many roles and accomplishments. One of his most notable positions was as the Minister of Health during Idi Amin’s rule, a role he held from February 1974 to May 1977.

His influence in Ugandan politics was undeniable, and his legacy persisted long after his exit from the political arena.

Beyond his political career, Kyemba made a significant mark in the world of literature. In 1977, he authored the impactful book “State of Blood,” providing a vivid and unflinching account of Idi Amin’s tyrannical reign.

This book shed light on the dark corners of Ugandan history and the challenges the nation faced under Amin’s rule. Kyemba’s writing was a testament to his dedication to the truth and his commitment to revealing the realities of that tumultuous time.

Henry Kyemba Silent Adversary Diabetes

While Henry Kyemba’s political journey was noteworthy, his life was also marked by another, quieter battle—his struggle with diabetes. It’s this relentless adversary that ultimately played a role in his passing.

Kyemba’s experience with diabetes serves as a poignant reminder of the often-overlooked intersection between health and public service.

Henry Kyemba Cause Of Death : News

In memoriam of Henry Kyemba, a man of many accomplishments in Ugandan politics who peacefully left this world at the age of 84.

From his various high-profile roles to his tenure as Minister of Health during the era of Idi Amin, Kyemba’s life journey was a testament to his dedication to public service.

But his life wasn’t without its challenges. The shadow of diabetes loomed over him, a silent and persistent adversary that he faced with courage.

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Henry Kyemba, highlighting the profound impact of health struggles on those who dedicate their lives to public welfare.

Loss Felt by Henry Kyemba’s Family

As the family and well-wishers of Henry Kyemba navigate the profound loss of a patriarch, Christopher Katagwa, a nephew, shares the heartbreaking news of Kyemba’s passing.

It happened on a Wednesday evening in Namugongo, a suburb of Kampala, under the watchful care of his eldest daughter, Susan Kyemba.

The family grapples with the reality of their loss. Henry Kyemba, the last of seven boys born to the late colonial chief Mzeeyi Suleiman Kisadha and Sasana Babirizangawo, leaves behind an indelible void.

In these challenging times, the family assures that burial arrangements will be communicated in due course.

However, one thing remains certain—Henry Kyemba will find his final resting place at the family’s burial grounds in Wanyama Village, Bugembe Ward, Jinja North Division, Jinja City. It’s a poignant homecoming for a man who dedicated his life to service and family.


The passing of Henry Kyemba, marked by his political legacy and the challenges of diabetes, leaves us with a mix of emotions. His contributions to Ugandan politics and his unwavering dedication to public service will not be forgotten.

His family and loved ones mourn the loss of a patriarch who left a lasting impact. Henry Kyemba’s story, interwoven with the history of Uganda, serves as a reminder of the profound connection between health and public service.

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