6 Best Headphone Wall Mounts (2023) New

by Narendra

If you have been searching for the best headphone wall mounts then odds are high that you love clutter-free desk space at the same time you want to keep headphones safe from falling off. Right?

No doubt, headphone wall mounts are must-have room accessory to take care of your precious headphone by just hanging on to wall attach mount. This simple way leads to several advantages like it will increase life span of headphones, declutter your workspace and improve productivity.

So, if you are in the market and looking for best headphone wall mounts that are of good quality & stick for long. Then here’s the list you can consider buying. But first,

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Best Headphone Wall Mounts (2023)

1. TotalMount Headphone Wall Mount

If you are looking for one of the best headphone wall mount that comes in premium quality finish that plethora of users trust then you can’t go wrong with this mount. The main highlight is premium grade quality material which is strong enough to easily hold your headphone weight without bending.

TotalMount Headphone Wall Mount

More importantly, being a high-quality wall mount it promises to deliver super sticky removable adhesive so you don’t need to damage your wall by drilling to fit. Furthermore, the headphone wall mount is fully compatible with several headphone brands including Sony, JBL, Sennheiser, Jabra, Philips, AirPods max, and many more.

The best thing about this mount is its design which is just like headphone headband thus it will not damage your headphone at all.

Overall, if you want to pick headphone wall mount in one look then TotalMount is worth buying.

2. OAPRIRE Universal Headphone Holder Hook with Cable Clip

Oaprire is very bit a modern headphone wall mount that brings premium look to the table thanks to sleek & smooth edge design that ensure to keep headphone without scratches. If we talk about its quality then this is made of acrylic which is high-quality plastic material with strong toughness.

OAPRIRE Universal Headphone Holder Hook with Cable Clip

More importantly, to hold headphone wall mount securely it comes with 3M adhesive which is one of the powerful adhesives. So yeah don’t worry about that, just peel and press with force at the wall. Tip: Give mount up to 5 hours before use.

The thing that impresses everyone is that wall mount comes with 2 cable clips. So if you have wired headphones then you will get organized look. Cool right?

Did I tell you this headphone wall mount comes in several different colors to choose from?

Overall, if you’re looking for budget-friendly headphone wall mount that provides good quality & look then this is another good option to pick.

3. APPHOME Headphone Hanger Wall Mount

Perhaps the best thing about Apphome Headphone wall mount is the ergonomic headphone holder. More importantly, it comes with soft rubber pad to fit headphone and secure them from scratches. Interesting right?

APPHOME Headphone Hanger Wall Mount

And that’s not the end of story, the wall mount comes in new design, unlike above one which looks pretty good at wall. Built-wise it is made of good quality material that provides you sturdy frame. So yeah it will easily withstand your heavy headphone.

Aside from that, it is also come with adhesive functionality to attach it on wall or side of table. In addition, this wall mount is suitable for various kinds of headphones. So no need to worry.

Overall, if you want new design headphone wall mount that comes with soft internal rubber & delivers handsome look then this is worth a peek.

4. Foldable Headphone Wall Mount

If above headphone wall mounts not impress you much then this is what you’ve to look for. The one is foldable headphone wall mount that comes with two-way installation adhesive & screw to choose what is best for you.

Coming to built quality then here it made of with aluminum material that promises to give long life stability & sturdy. More importantly, it is well-polished wall mount that delivers premium class look.

 Foldable Headphone Wall Mount

Aside from that, this wall mount has built-in cable organizer. So no worry about being tangled up. Moreover, when not in use you can also fold 90 degrees for a better look.

Overall, this is very low-budget headphone wall mount that you can consider buying. It has strong built quality & enough space for two headphones.

5. Pink Headphone Wall Mount

Last but not least, if you have pink gaming setup and looking for best pink headphone wall mount then you can check out this one from Olygive. For the price, it has premium quality wall mount with soft padding that is cherry on top.

Pink Headphone Wall Mount

What is more interesting is the one is capable to hold equal to 1Kg weight, which shows the build quality of wall mount. Moreover, this delivers a minimalistic style that looks awesome with gaming setups.

Furthermore, as above one here it also has wide compatibility to attach on wall by either adhesive or screw. So yeah fit it wherever you want.

Overall, if pink is your favorite color & want premium quality headphone wall mount then this is what you should buy.

6. Neetto Headphone Hanger Holder Wall Mount

The Neetto Headphone Hanger Holder Wall Mount is a savior for audiophiles and gamers alike, keeping their prized headphones organized and within arm’s reach.

On the positive side, this sleek and minimalist headphone holder is a breeze to install. Its under-desk design maximizes space and keeps your precious headphones safe from accidental damage or clutter.

The versatile design accommodates a wide range of headphone brands, from Sennheiser to Sony, Bose to Beats, AKG to Audio-Technica, and even your beloved gaming headphones and earphones.

The durable construction ensures your headphones are held securely, while the additional cable management feature keeps your setup looking tidy and professional.

However, some users might find the adhesive a bit less strong on certain surfaces, requiring additional reinforcement. Also, if you have exceptionally heavy or bulky headphones, the holder might not be the best fit.

In conclusion, the Neetto Headphone Hanger Holder Wall Mount is a space-saving marvel that keeps your headphones in top-notch condition and your desk clutter-free.

Embrace the convenience of this nifty headphone hanger, declutter your workspace, and give your beloved headphones the royal treatment they deserve!

What To Look Before Buying Best Headphone Wall Mounts ?

Before buying the best headphone wall mounts, consider the following factors to ensure you find the perfect solution for organizing your headphones.

First, check the mount’s compatibility with your headphones. Look for a mount that can accommodate a wide range of headphone brands and sizes.

Consider the installation process. Look for mounts that are easy to install and come with the necessary hardware or adhesive.

Check the durability and sturdiness of the mount. Ensure it can securely hold your headphones without the risk of falling.

Look for additional features like cable management to keep your setup neat and organized.

Consider the design and aesthetics of the mount. Look for a mount that complements your room or workspace.

Read reviews from other users to gauge the mount’s performance, durability, and user satisfaction.

By considering these factors, you can find the best headphone wall mount that keeps your headphones organized, safe, and easily accessible. With the right mount, you can add a touch of style to your space while ensuring your headphones are always within reach and in top-notch condition.

Wrapping Up: Top Headset Wall Mount To Buy

Using the headset wall mount is much necessary in the world of plethora of gadgets. No doubt one simple wall mount can declutter your workspace plus give another life to your hard-earned headphone. So which one are you going to buy?

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