Hawkeye Snow Plow Accident: News

by Narendra

Hawkeye Snow Plow Accident: Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame and was in a bad accident earlier this month that almost killed him, is now at home getting better.

As you probably know, Renner was sent to the ICU after a snow plow ran over him and hurt him badly enough that he needed at least two surgeries (and if the gossip rags are to be believed, very nearly cost him his leg). Now, thanks to a report from the Nevada sheriff’s office, CNN knows more about what happened.

It says, “The Pistenbully snow groomer started to slide, so Renner got out of the car without setting the emergency brake.” “Even though the Pistenbully had some mechanical problems, we think that the parking brake would keep it from moving forward based on our mechanical inspection.”

“When Renner tried to stop or steer the Pistenbully to keep his nephew from getting hurt, the track pulled him under the vehicle and ran him over.”

Hawkeye Snow Plow Accident

Renner’s nephew is said to have helped his uncle until help arrived. The Captain America: Civil War actor was then airlifted to the hospital, where he stayed for two weeks. The actor was not in any way impaired, and it looks like this was just a case of human error or a near-tragic accident.

Renner also used his snow plow to pull his nephew’s truck out of the snow when it got stuck on his driveway. After he pulled it into the street, the plow started to slide to the side, so he had to jump out. “Once he got off the Pistenbully, though, he saw that it was headed straight for (his nephew).”

“He was afraid that the Pistenbully would hit his nephew, so he tried to stop or steer the Pistenbully.” So, when Renner tried to get back into the car, he was “immediately pulled under the left side track.”

He seems to be on the way to getting better, but we don’t expect to see him on screen for a while. Marvel Studios hasn’t said anything about a second season of Hawkeye, but if one was in the works, it’s likely been put on hold for good. We also don’t know what this means for Renner’s possible part in the next two Avengers movies.

Even without the MCU, it goes without saying that we hope Jeremy gets better soon.