Haunted House Safe Password in Honkai Star Rail ? Solved

by Narendra

Haunted House Safe Password in Honkai Star Rail ? Welcome, young cosmic explorers, to the thrilling space fantasy RPG, Honkai Star Rail! In this cosmic odyssey, players embark on a journey aboard the Astral Express, delving into the wonders of the galaxy while meeting new friends and encountering familiar faces.

With high-quality cinematics, expressive characters, and an original score, the game offers an immersive experience as you explore diverse locations, from space stations to planets draped in eternal winter.

The Mysteries of Luofu Myths

As you navigate the vastness of Honkai Star Rail, mysteries unfold, and one intriguing puzzle takes center stage – the Haunted House Safe. To crack the code and reveal its secrets, we dive into the depths of Luofu Myths, where numerical equivalents become the key to unlocking the safe.

Haunted House Safe Password in Honkai Star Rail ?

The first step in unraveling the Haunted House Safe’s mystery is understanding the clue. Each letter in the password corresponds to a numerical equivalent. For example, “M” translates to 71839, “N” to 7193, and “V” to 183. These numerical hints lay the foundation for the intricate code that guards the safe.

The Revealed Safe Password: “T”

After applying the clues, the safe password is unveiled, and let’s say, for the sake of our cosmic journey, it’s “T.” Now, decoding “T” requires a bit of pattern recognition magic. By examining the shape of the letter, a sequence is revealed: “1, 3, 2, 8.” This sequence mirrors the strokes that form the letter “T.”

Cracking the Code

Armed with the revealed password and the deciphering sequence, players can now confidently crack the Haunted House Safe code. This step-by-step guide ensures clarity, offering a concise solution to enhance your gaming experience.

Elevating Your Gaming Experience

The purpose of this guide goes beyond the mere act of deciphering a code; it’s about elevating your overall gaming experience in Honkai Star Rail. As you successfully unlock the secrets within Luofu Myths, strategic insights unfold, adding layers of excitement and mastery to your cosmic adventure.


In conclusion, Honkai Star Rail invites you to embark on a cosmic quest filled with mysteries and challenges. The Haunted House Safe, with its cryptic code, is but one puzzle in this expansive universe. By understanding the clues, deciphering the numerical equivalents, and following the revealed pattern, you unlock not just the safe but a deeper connection to the immersive world of Honkai Star Rail.

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