H2WO Mother Live Issue: H2WO Mother Tiktok Live Went Viral

by Narendra

H2WO Mother Live Issue – H2WO put up screenshots of his conversations with his mom about money, and now many people are looking for H2WO Mother Live Issue.

The video of her mom, Susana Campos Miranda, ranting about their money on TikTok live went viral. Learn about the H2WO Mother Live Issue here.

H2WO Mother Live Issue

Nexplay EVOS’s John Paul “H2WO” Salonga went viral when he said that his mom was giving him false information about his money.

H2WO said on Facebook that his mom watched Salonga’s TikTok live and said that other people were controlling Salonga. This time, H2WO replied with screenshots that showed a better picture of what was going on. In the series of pictures, H2WO made it clear that he wanted to keep the matter quiet. But he had no choice once word got out about the problem.

Mother Issue H2WO

After a TikTok live where his mother said that the player had been brainwashed to hate her went viral, H2WO posted screenshots of his conversations with his mother about money.

The H2WO said, “I didn’t want to talk about my family in public as much as I could. Publicly telling the story of my family is the hardest thing I will ever have to do. I have to do it because it has hurt a lot of people, including people I love and respect and who shouldn’t have been hurt “‘

H2WO Mother Tiktok

Conversations in a post showed that H2WO, who his mother calls “Koy” or “Kokoy,” has been keeping an eye on his mother’s spending. The pro player supposedly sent his mom 25,000 PHP every month, but it wasn’t enough to pay for everything. Here is what H2WO wrote on Instagram.

Mother Tiktok H2WO

H2WO asked his mother if she could send receipts for her future purchases, since he has been trying to keep track of how much he spends. His mother said that if that were the case, she would choose to live in the mountains and not ask for more money.

After her mom Susana Campos Miranda went on a TikTok live rant about their money, H2WO has become one of the most controversial topics.

H2WO Mother Tiktok Live Spread Like Wildfire

Other screenshots showed how H2WO’s mom competed with other members of his family, like his sister and dad. His mom was also envious of his best friend and former teammate, Tristan “YAWI” Cabrea, when H2WO wished his friend a happy birthday.

“We’re enemies, so maybe Yawi’s mom would poison you,” she said, according to the screenshots that were posted.

Since the posted conversation involved a lot of people, H2WO apologized to everyone, including Yawi, Yawi’s mother, and Mika Salamanca, who is Yawi’s partner.

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