Guy Talking to Girl Memes

by Narendra

Guy Talking to Girl Meme : Memes are a big part of the culture of the Internet today. It’s been used by everyone and everything.

People on Twitter seem tired of the new meme, but some memes never get old.

Guy Talking to Girl Meme is a picture of a man shouting in a club into a woman’s ear.

The picture was taken at Milk in Edinburgh. It shows a young woman in a red dress who looks bored as she stares off into space while a man yells in her ear.

Guy Talking to Girl Meme

The Guy yelling at girl meme, also called the “Milk Edinburgh Club Photo,” is a picture of a man talking to a woman in a club.

Guy Talking to Girl Meme

Guy Talking to Girl Meme

In the picture, she looks very bored as the young man shouts in her ear. It’s clear that what he’s saying doesn’t make her laugh.

The man and woman in the picture have already been named, so we don’t need to try to figure out who they are.

Patrick Ritchie and Lucia Gorman called Capital Radio to say they were the couple, but they said they didn’t understand what he was saying and that he was boring her to tears.

Patrick said, “She’s one of my school friends, so I’m sure she’s sick of it. She looks like the world’s most bored woman.”

“I don’t remember what he was saying,” Lucia agreed. Patrick always talks nonsense, so it could have been anything.”

The people in the club talked about how strange it was to see a picture of them shared all over the world. Patrick said he saw it tweeted from as far away as Australia.

Lucia said, “Someone sent me the tweet. At the time, it had 40 likes, and I thought, “This is funny.” By the end of the day, it had 14,000 likes.”