GTA Online Not Working on PC After Criminal Enterprises Update

by Sourabh

GTA online not working on PC here is the solutions: GTA Online is a game that is always changing and growing. A lot of new content is always being added to the game, which makes it feel fresh and fun to play.

The most recent one is the Criminal Enterprises update, which just came out. Many players have already had a lot of fun with this update’s new features, but some haven’t been able to get GTA Online to work yet.

This gets put on the PC. to be exact, on Steam. If after the update GTA Online doesn’t work on your PC, we’re here to help and show you how to fix this GTA Online PC bug.

GTA Online Not Working on PC After Criminal Enterprises Update

At the moment, it looks like only PC players who play GTA V on Steam are having this problem. Epic Games is not affected, and it seems to be working fine. The same goes for games.

The problem seems to be that Rockstar didn’t add the new DLC to the Steam update for GTAO. Since this is the case, GTA Online doesn’t work. So, is there anything you can do to make this better?

Yes, thank goodness, there is. What you need to do is close the Steam app and then open it again. This will make Steam download the missing parts of the update. Start the game again once the download is done. It should work right this time.

This problem came about because of a mistake. But Steam and Rockstar were able to fix it very quickly, which was good for everyone.

So, just restart Steam and make sure the game is up to date, and you should be good to go. Stay tuned for more, because we’ll be answering all the questions and issues left over from this update. For example, we’ll list all the cars and other vehicles that were added to GTAO with the Criminal Enterprises update.