Green Mountain High School Shooting : Latest News

by Rajitha Reddy

Green Mountain High School Shooting: Imagine a regular school day at Green Mountain High School (GMHS), where students are busy with their lessons, teachers are teaching, and everything seems just fine. But on one Friday, October 13, 2023, something unusual happened.

GMHS was placed on lockdown because people heard there might be someone dangerous nearby. We want to share this story with you, what happened and why it’s important.

Green Mountain High School Shooting News

What Happened That Day

One day, on Friday the 13th (spooky, right?), the school had to be locked down. It wasn’t because of something happening inside the school; it was because of a possible danger nearby.

Why Did This Happen?

The Lakewood Police Department, which is like the heroes who keep us safe, heard about something scary. They got a report that someone might be trying to hurt people near our school. This is serious stuff!

Why Did They Lock the School?

Even though the problem wasn’t on our school grounds, the people in charge of the school, like the principal, and the police wanted to make sure everyone was safe. So, they decided to lock the school down. It’s like closing all the doors and windows to keep us safe.

The Good News

The good news is that no one got hurt, and no shots were fired. That’s a big relief!

Why Lockdowns Are Important

What’s a Lockdown?

You know when you’re playing hide-and-seek, and you hide quietly, so no one can find you? A lockdown is a bit like that. It’s when everyone in the school stays safe and quiet because there might be danger outside.

Why Do We Have Lockdowns?

Lockdowns are like a safety plan. They’re there to make sure that students and teachers are safe. It’s like a practice for what to do if something scary happens.

What Happened at GMHS Shows How Lockdowns Help

The fact that no one got hurt and nothing bad happened at our school shows that lockdowns work. They keep us safe, just like how superheroes protect the city from bad guys.

The Need for Vigilance

What’s Vigilance?

Vigilance is like being super alert and careful. It’s what everyone, especially school staff and the police, need to be to keep everyone safe.

Why Do We Need to Be Careful?

Even though this time nothing bad happened, it reminds us that we always need to be careful. Just like wearing a helmet when riding a bike or looking both ways before crossing the street, we need to be ready for any unexpected situations.

Why Should You Know About This?

It’s important for you, as a student, to know that schools take your safety seriously. Everyone is doing their best to make sure you’re safe while you’re learning.

Staying Informed

What’s Missing?

There are some things we don’t know from the story. We don’t know all the details of what happened, and we might not know everything that was done to keep us safe.

Why Do We Need More Information?

Having more information helps us understand what happened better. It’s like filling in the pieces of a puzzle. We can learn from what happened to be even safer in the future.


In the end, the day GMHS had to go into lockdown was a bit scary, but it showed how everyone cared about your safety. Remember, it’s important to be ready for anything, just like superheroes, and knowing what to do during a lockdown is part of that. We hope you never have to go through a lockdown, but if you do, you’ll know it’s because everyone wants to make sure you stay safe.

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