Green Beetle Bug In 1899 Meaning Explained

by Ami Dalsania

Green Beetle Bug In 1899 Meaning Explained: The period drama and mystery thriller debuted on Netflix on November 18, 2022. It is about a group of European immigrants and global travelers who meet on the steamship Kerberos, which is going from London to New York City.

But things soon get creepy, and we find out that nothing is what it seems to be. Little clues show that something bad is going on behind the scenes.

One of these details is a green beetle bug in 1899, so let’s find out what it means by giving away big secrets about episodes 1 through 8.

Green Beetle Bug In 1899 Meaning Explained

Throughout the series, a green beetle shows up and often acts as a mysterious guide, leading the characters to parts of the ship where they can find what they need.

It can also be used as a key to open doors, and we meet the bug when it leads Maura to the boy hiding in a cabinet on the Prometheus, the other ship the Kerberos meets.

Green Beetle Bug In 1899 Meaning Explained

The helpful bug also helps characters like Eyk, and in the end, it turns out that this is no ordinary bug at all, which is where major spoilers come in…

What’s going on on the ships isn’t real. Instead, they’re in a simulation that Maura and Daniel made. Since their son Elliot was dying, they made up this world where he was still alive and chose to live there instead of facing the harsh truth.

The beetle is in the simulation because in the last episode, there was a flashback that showed how much Elliot loved a bug he found while on a picnic with his mother. He showed it to Maura and told her he had named it Alfred.

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She made a beetle part of the simulation because she knew it would make him happy. The beetle’s ability to act as a kind of all-knowing guide comes from the fact that the ship is a simulation and all the details have been changed to help Maura.

1899 is only available to watch on Netflix.