Gotham Knights New Zealand Release Date And Time

by Narendra

Gotham Knights New Zealand Release Date And Time: Fans of Gotham Knights who want to play early access should be able to do so by using the common New Zealand release date and time trick on Xbox.

Gotham Knights New Zealand Release Date And Time

Fans who want to play Gotham Knights have had a hard week. It’s been confirmed that the game only runs at 30 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This has upset some gamers, since 60 FPS performance modes are common on current and next-gen consoles.

Even though the above is bad news, fans with Xbox should be able to play and tour Gotham City before anyone else.

Gotham Knights New Zealand Release Date And Time

Gotham Knights will come out in New Zealand on October 21 at 00:00 NZDT.

This information comes from the NZ PSN store, which also says that the game will be available at 11:00 UTC. This means that on October 20, it will be 4:00 a.m. PT, 7:00 a.m. ET, and 12:00 p.m. BST in the US and UK.

No release dates have been given for PC via Steam or Epic Games, but it should come out at the same time everywhere instead of at midnight local time like on consoles.

Some people on Reddit have said that they plan to use the NZ trick for GK, but keep in mind that it’s not worth it on PlayStation and can’t be done on PC.

How To Play Gotham Knights Early Access

By using the New Zealand release date and time, fans can play Gotham Knights before it comes out.

The trick has worked for a number of games in the past. All Xbox fans have to do is pre-order the game like they normally would and then follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the Settings
  2. Click System
  3. Continue to Language and Place
  4. Change where you are to New Zealand.
  5. Reset Xbox console

There is also a NZ trick for PlayStation, but it isn’t worth it in the end. To buy gift cards from PC Game Supply, you’d have to make a separate NZ Profile and pay more.