Amazing Google Doodle Games You Should Play

by Narendra

Every time on a special event, birthdays, achievements google never forget to decorate their homepage with beautiful google doodle logos, wallpapers, and the sometimes amazing game too, and those are literally amazing and unique games to play, which you don’t even need to install, but those google doodle games rarely come on events and disappear from google after completing of event, If you are like me who loves to play doodle games then here in this article I picked out the best google doodle games from past few years that you surely like it.

Best Google Doodle Games

1. Basketball

Playing basketball in google doodle is a really amazing way to time pass when you get bored, you can play the game while doing work, without knowing your boss, no need a smartphone just enjoying the doodle game on google, The gameplay is simple but not easy, here you have to do basket in limited time, To make the game interesting as you do more basket the level goes harder, its quite challenging and addictive just like an android game.

Play Now: Basketball

2. Kids coding Game

On December 4, 2017, To celebrate the 50 yr of Kids coding during computer science week, Google shows the loves by Doodle game to play, The game is based on coding to match the pieces of puzzle to moves rabbit and collect point and get out from puzzle, on the next level it’s more challenging, The game is quite mind-bending but if you love to do brainstorming then you should have to try Kids Coding Game.

Play Now: Kids Coding Game

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3. Pac Man

Here is the game which no need any introduction, the most famous and oldest video game that contains lots of memories, The google celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac man by showing doodle of it on 2010, If you get bored and want to time pass without having mobile then you must have to play Pac man, its the only game which never make you bored by playing more and more, quite addictive and challenging as goes on higher level, if you did not play the game till 2019 then believe me you should have to play Pac man doodle.

Play Now: Pac Man

4. Doodle Cricket

By making the fantastic google doodle cricket, google celebrate the women cricket world cup of 2017, by knowing cricket the world most famous game, The game is quite funnier but interesting as well, if you are fan of cricket then you should have to try the most funnier and enjoyable game from doodle google that you miss in the year 2017.

Play Now: Doodle Cricket

5. Rubik’s Cube

Yes, it’s an Rubik game which google doodle shows in 2014, playing all the time in offline quite boring at all, to makes more interesting and to kill the time while in office its the best game, which you now have to play with the help of keyboard and mouse, little confusing but that’s the hard level you want, solve puzzle online without taking Rubik anywhere.

Play Now: Rubik’s Cube

6. Pony Express

Here is the doodle google game which celebrate the 155th anniversary of pony express, The game basically an simple with idea to collect the 100 mails and delivered to place by using horse, its not simple as it looks, here you have lots of obstacles while collecting mails, moreover the game is full of new idea and programming that you should have to play, its again the best time killing game when you get bored.

Play Now: Pony Express

7. Soccer

I know you played a lots of soccer game in smartphone but here is google doodle made soccer game which is quite different that you ever played, In soccer goalkeeper is the most important player to stop having goal that same here, you are goalkeeper don’t other person make goal, as you stop more balls as the level goes harder that’s make the game addictive and interesting as well, You can call it time pass gameplay, while not in working mood.

Play Now: Soccer 2012

Wrapping up: Google Doodle Games

These were the google doodle game that you should have to play whenever you are free and want some google game to time pass then these were best for you, On every great event google shows the loves toward game through there doodle game, My favorite game in list is Pac man, what’s your’s comment below to share with me.

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