Ultimate Google Chrome Extension (Must Use) In 2019

Majority of us are using google chrome but very lesser number of peoples knows about the google chrome extensions which makes google chrome more use more productive and faster our work, there is tons of extension (ad on) are available with the use you can make your work better than other and more accurate in every field, here in this post I will tell you the 27 best google chrome extension which will surely give you a jerk and make your excellent working experience with chrome more better.

26+ Best Google Chrome Extensions ( Highly recommended) in 2019

Table Of Category

  1. Best for Media and Picture Chrome Extension
  2. Best for Google Chrome Experience Extension
  3. Best for Blogger and Writers Extension
  4. Best for Productivity Chrome Extension
  5. Best for Entrepreneur chrome Extension
  6. Best for Speed and Security Chrome Extension

1. Best For Media and Picture Chrome Extensions

  • Volume Master
  • Repeat
  • Ad Blocker For YouTube
  • Colorzilla
  • Loon
  • Firshot
  • Picture in Picture

1. Volume Master

As the name suggests volume master which will help you to increase the audio volume by 600% the great thing in the extension is you can change volume of different tabs as you want to play song there are always some videos which had very little sound and where volume master works well with very fined grained control system.

Install: Volume Master

2. Repeat

Good News! for the song lover who always wants to listen to the song in the repeat mode using Repeat Chrome Extension now, you will be able to listen to song as much as you want in repeat mode but there is one problem repeat extension only works in YouTube where you can create a loop as much as you want.

Install: Repeat

3. Ad Blocker For YouTube

Do you have the same problem with the annoying ads which disturb you while watching YouTube video here is the solution with the great extension named Ad blocker after installing, it will automatically skip YouTube video ads without taking the YouTube premium but there is a huge loss of YouTube.

Install: Ad Blocker For YouTube

4. Colorzilla

Colorzilla finally comes on google chrome platform after the super hit extension of Firefox, colorzilla basically an eye dropper, color picker through which you can pick (copy) any color from anywhere on chrome and paste into your work with the extension you can adjust pick a color with any zoom level and much more.

Install: Colorzilla

5. Loom

Here I find the best chrome extension loom for video recorder through which you can record your screen, voice, front-facing camera and share the video, loom chrome extension is the best use for the youtuber or anyone who want to record itself with an explanation on screen having 100 video limit with storage with password protected.

Install: Loom

6. Fireshot

Fireshot is a great extension for taking screenshot whole or you can select capture selection from the web page to take a screenshot of your important information and convert into different file formats like PDF / JPEG / GIF and more with this you can share with anyone instantly or print it out for hard copies.

Install: Fireshot

7. Floating for YouTube ( PIP)

Floating for Youtube is a chrome extension by which you will be able to watch videos in floating window mode means the size of the video is small and while watching the video you can do your work PIP trends are increasing in mobile as well in windows.

Install: Floating for YouTube

2. Best for Google Chrome Experience Extension

  • The Great Suspender
  • Momentum
  • One Tab
  • Click and Clean
  • Print Friendly and PDF

1. The Great Suspender

While surfing on the internet we just opened lots of tabs and forget to close these opened tabs eat the memory space and slow down the performance, to get ride off there is chrome extension the great suspender by using this extension it will automatically suspend the tab when you are not using for a min and increases the performance of surfing on the internet.

Install: The great Suspender

2. Momentum

Momentum basically a new tab customization feature extension through which your chrome tab will having new look with great features like a todo list, quotes, time, what the plan of today and much more.

Install: Momentum

3. One Tab

One Tab is the great extension for those who have habit to opened lots of different tab by just one click you can remove the clutter of tab into the list and when you need to open you can restore the tabs as previous one to make the clean interface of google chrome and it will save the 95% data and increase the performance.

Install: One Tab

4. Click And Clean

To make the faster browsing experience we need to clean the dumped, cached and history files regularly with the click and clean extension by just one click it will automatically clean the history and old files to increase the speed of chrome browser and it will make us safe from the viruses.

Install: Click and Clean

5. Print Friendly and PDF

The great extension for print from the web page by using the extension you will be able to print the web page without any ads, junks and optimized the reading experience, you have the option to edit or delete any part of the text before print and generate PDF file format.

Install: Print Friendly and PDF

3. Best for Blogger and Writers Extension

  • What Font
  • Grammarly
  • A Text to Speech
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Google Dictionary

1. What Font

What font is the best extension for the blogger who wants to copy other fonts style What font basically tell you the full information of any font you like font name, Family color, style, size and position you just need to click on the font and get the info of that font.

Install: What Font

2. Grammarly

While writing a blog there are lots of misspelling, and grammar mistakes had taken by using Grammarly it will automatically give suggestions to improve the error and write the best blog post without any complex grammatical errors.

Install: Grammarly

3. A Text To speech

A very helpful extension for the blogger and content writer writing a blog post and listen to that blog post is totally different things with this extension it will speak the whole text and you will be easy to judge your written content how it looks from speaking text to speech will speak any language written content with female or male voice as you prefer.

Install: A Text to Speech

4. Keyword Everywhere

If you are a blogger then you have to write a blog post with including different keywords where keywords everywhere will help you to find the best keyword with there search volume in the search result it will approx right with the free use you must try at once.

Install: keyword Everywhere

5. Google Dictionary

We all know the dictionary using google dictionary you don’t need to search the meaning of the word on google just click on the word it will automate give the perfect meaning of that word best works in chrome browser while doing some work.

Install: Google Dictionary

4. Best for Productivity Chrome Extension

  • Start.me
  • Todoist
  • Extension Manager
  • Save to Pocket
  • Honey

1. Start.me

Start.me is an extension that will customize your startup(new tab) page with a beautiful personal dashboard where you will pin news feed, bookmarks your favorite blogs, make notes and much more.

Install: Start.me

2. Todoist

As the name suggests todoist where you can make your plan to do in a day with a very handy manner in the powerful task manager to not forget to do the important works, collaborate work easily and yourself more productive and faster.

Install: Todoist

3. Extension Manger

There are lots of people like me who use many chrome extension to make us more productive with the extension manager you can manage the lots of extensions to use and unused at a time and easy to search extension to use it.

Install: Extension Manger

4. Save to Pocket

Best extension for those who have a habit to capture the great articles, videos and much more with the save to pocket extension you can collect all these extensions in a single place to make the clean and fast user interface you just have to click on a button it will automate save the file as you want.

Install: Save to Pocket

5. Honey

If you do shopping a lot then this extension definitely helps you using Honey extension it will find the best coupons for discounts on every shopping from the whole internet and make cashback for you by just click on the extension.

Install: Honey

5. Best for Entrepreneur chrome Extension

  • Remote Desktop ( RDP)
  • Cares Your Eyes

1. Remote Desktop

The first extension for an entrepreneur is remote desktop which will help the person to control the other computer through the google chrome and share the files and manage both PC with single handly.

Install: RDP

2. Cares Your Eyes

Cares your eyes is a great extension for those who work late at night on the internet using the extension the background will automatically change to the dark theme and make the less intense light so that it will not affect the eyes of the user.

Install: Cares your Eyes

6. Best for Speed and Security Chrome Extension

  • Speed Test
  • Tinyeye
  • Backstop

1. Speed Test

Speed Test Extension basically use to test the internet speed and performance when we are going to downloads some file need a better speed so with the extension you can check internet connection to test the speed of internet,

Install: Speed Test

2. Tiny Web Filter

On the web, there are tons of sites where automatic open the ad of adult sites to make the security (Parental control) you can use the Tiny web filter so that it will automatically block the site before visiting and safe from the offensive sites.

Install: Tiny WebFilter

3. Backstop

Sometimes accidentally we just close the tabs of chrome and realize here is backstop works well with this chrome extension you can easily return to the previous page by just one click and it reloads all the current tabs.

Install: Backstop

4. Better net

Last best chrome extension better net which is basically a VPN extension where it will connect the best server outside the current country and now you can use the files which will be banned in your country.

Install: Betternet

Wraping Up :

Above are the top best google chrome extensions which everyone has to be used in 2019 to make the google chrome experience in further level, I want to hear from you which extension you love the most tell me in the comment section.

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