Google bolo speech based app launched in India

by Narendra

Google bolo speech based app launched in India is that useful for children?or it’s for the distraction of study.

Hi! there in this article, I will show you the whole concept behind google bolo speech based app.

What is Google bolo speech based app?

Google bolo is an app which has the motive to educate the lower classes student with the new innovation and technology. Google bolo app based on speech recognition and text to speech concept which have the aim to concentrate the child on reading English and Hindi language for better future.


  1. It contains variety of content for reading
  2. Free of cost available on play store
  3. Contains games, Reward, extra activity
  4. Process tracking feature


  1. Network problem will be faced in village areas.
  2. Not all languages are supported
  3. Everyone having a smartphone for that

Intresting Things in Google bolo speech based app :

In google bolo, you can talk to a tutor named Diya which have a sweet voice. And will help to read the text as well as define the meaning of it so that is clear to the children easily.

This app is work perfectly in android it will not contain more space it’s size is approx 47MB. The app is available on the play store.

Install : Google bolo

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