Glass Onion Kanye West Mural Explained

by Narendra

Glass Onion Kanye West Mural Explained: Now that you’ve seen Knives Out, it’s time to be amazed by Glass Onion. If we think back to 2019, Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Looper) was in charge of a murder-mystery caper that was both funny and interesting. Daniel Craig played the part of detective Benoit Blanc, and he did figure out what was going on.

But in the next movie, set in 2022, he has a whole new case to solve.

After a short run in theaters, the movie came out on Netflix on Friday, December 23, 2022. It was about Benoit, who was invited to the private island of billionaire tech mogul Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton).

The plan is to have a murder mystery party, but the night quickly turns into chaos and uncertainty when a real-life murder happens.

Why is there a mural of Kanye West in Glass Onion, which is all about uncertainty?

Glass Onion Kanye West Mural Explained

When Miles invites his guests to his mansion, they are all seated at a large table, and there is a mural of Kanye West behind the room’s pillars.

But the mural shows him as a figure with robes who looks like the messiah. Overall, the pictures remind me of the American rapper’s music video for the hit song “Power,” which is on his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” from 2010.

Forbes says that Kanye made some anti-Semitic remarks in October 2022, which has led some people to talk about the mural.

“Why is there a painting of Kanye West that looks like a god right behind Edward Norton as he says “Mazel Tov”?” asked one Twitter user. Mazel Tov is a Jewish word that means “congratulations.” The person who wrote the tweet was referring to comments Kanye made about the Jewish community recently. But it’s important to note that Glass Onion was made in 2021.

In the end, you can figure out why the mural is there by thinking about the man whose house it is. From what we know about Miles, it’s not hard to see why he would find Kanye’s bigger-than-life profile, fame, and personality to be something to admire and look up to.

He is crazy about famous people and drops their names whenever he can, like when he says he owns Jeremy Renner’s small batch hot sauce or that Jared Leto gave him his own hard kombucha, even though both are made up. He even has Serena Williams, an American tennis player, as his personal trainer. However, she’s become more of a prisoner to Miles, sitting there bored and glued to the TV in the gym, because he’s more interested in the status she gives him than in putting in the work himself.

This is made clearer when the movie’s big reveal shows that Miles has been taking advantage of his friends who have done great things for a long time.

If someone had noticed the mural, we’re sure Miles would have had a Kanye story to tell his guests as another way to impress them.

How People Feel About the Kanye West Mural in Glass Onion

Many people have seen the mural and immediately posted about it on Twitter to show their followers.

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