Glass Onion Ending Explained

by Kirti Rajput

Glass Onion Ending Explained : Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed Glass Onion, gives audiences yet another stylish whodunit, this time with a new cast of characters played by a variety of well-known actors. Looking back, his 2019 movie Knives Out was a mystery that kept people guessing. Many people were glad to hear that he would be going on another case to solve because it was smart and funny.

Daniel Craig plays detective Benoit Blanc again, even though the Thrombey family is nowhere to be seen this time.

He is invited to a murder mystery party on the billionaire tech mogul Miles Bron’s (played by Edward Norton) private island. But it turns out that a guest named Duke Cody, played by Dave Bautista, is killed in a strange way.

There is also a second victim, but before we get into the details, who is the killer in Glass Onion?

Who Is The Killer In Glass Onion?

In Glass Onion, Miles is the killer, and Duke wasn’t the only person he killed. He was the one who put pineapple in Duke’s drink because he’s allergic to it, and he was also the one who killed Andi, Helen Brand’s (also played by Janelle) twin sister.

We are led to believe that Andi is at the murder mystery party for most of the movie. But it turns out that she was killed, and her identical sister Helen decided to take her place and pass herself off as her in order to find out who did it.

Miles and Andi started the tech company Alpha together, but she sued him when he planned to launch a hydrogen-based fuel that could be very bad. But he won the case because she couldn’t prove that the ideas for the company were hers. Helen says that she knows Andi’s claims are true because she has written the history of the company on a bar napkin in her own handwriting.

Miles killed Andi because he knew she had evidence that could bring him down.

Glass Onion Ending Explained

All of Miles’ friends lied in court to help him win the case. When Helen tries to find out who killed her sister, Andi, she finds that everyone who might have done it was motivated by greed and personal gain.

Helen is also shot at some point by an unknown person, who turns out to be Miles. The party thinks she’s dead, but it turns out that Benoit helped her fake her death by using Jeremy Renner’s small-batch hot sauce as blood.

Miles’ reasons for killing Duke? Well, Duke saw Miles leave Andi’s house before she died, and he finds out she’s dead when online news sources report it at the party.

He thinks Miles did it and tries to get money from him, so Miles has to keep him quiet for good. In the Glass Onion, Helen is able to find the napkin in Miles’s office. Miles, however, is able to get to it and burn it, thinking he has won. Even though he may have won the battle, he loses the war when Helen sets off the alternative fuel, which causes the Glass Onion to explode in a fireball.

This will be the end of him because it shows that the fuel is dangerous and also because Miles had borrowed the original Mona Lisa painting from the Louvre, which was destroyed in the explosion. Both of these things will do a lot of damage to his reputation.

When the other people realize that Miles is done, they agree to side with Helen and testify against Miles.