Garden Story is coming to Game Pass for Xbox and PC

by Narendra

Even though it wasn’t mentioned in the big monthly update, Garden Story is coming to Game Pass on July 12 for Xbox and PC.

It looks like Xbox likes to sneak extra games into the Xbox Game Pass lineup. In the past, we’ve seen Generation Zero and a triple threat of Gorogoa, Olija, and The Pedestrian show up on the service without any fanfare.

Xbox Game Pass July games announcement

Now, in July 2022, Microsoft is doing it once more. This time, the game coming out for Xbox and PC players is Garden Story. It’s a calm game set in a cozy little village where you play as the new guardian of the Grove. It’s your job to rebuild the village and find out what happened in its past. It will be put to use on July 12.

There are hints of farming sims, dungeon crawlers, and even hardcore action-RPGs in the game, but it’s mostly its own thing. You’ll need to check out the Grove in all four seasons, as each one has its own problems and benefits. You’ll be asked to do things every day to protect, fix up, and improve the town. As you play, you’ll unlock memories that let the main character, Concord the grape, use the power of their ancestors.