Freddie Gibbs Wife Video Viral

by Ami Dalsania

Freddie Gibbs Wife Video: Destini Creams, better known as The Fit Mami, hits back at people who criticize her for continuing to act in adult films even though she is currently very pregnant with the rapper’s child.

Destini Creams, who used to be with Freddie Gibbs and is said to be a porn star, is in trouble. Destini, also known as “The Fit Mami,” fought back against people who said she was wrong for continuing to act in adult films even though she is very pregnant.

In response to the criticism, Destini said that people were being hypocritical. “Y’all will shame sex workers for their jobs while watching porn, make sense of it,” she wrote on Twitter.

She went on a rant in a second post, saying, “Men say they don’t want women who have been “ran through” to be their wives and mothers of their children.

Well, women don’t want men who have been all over their city and then want them to live a holy life. She also said, “If women have been “ran through,” it’s because of men.” It’s fine to have a favorite, but it’s crazy to be against women.”

Freddie Gibbs Wife Video Viral

“It’s kind of crazy that at this point in my pregnancy, it would be more socially acceptable for me to get an abortion than to have s**.

“It’s’my body, my choice’ for you guys until it doesn’t fit your story,” she said. In another tweet, Destini replied to a user, “I don’t care if you think I’m pregnant or not.

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You guys act like women don’t sleep for 9 months. You guys also act like I can just quit my job without any help with money, lol.”

“A short time later, it was time to go to Europe. We went, had fun, and everything was fine…We always talked about wanting to have a baby.

“There was no one-sidedness,” she said. She also said that they had talked about having a child, but after she got pregnant, everything changed quickly.

“Freddie’s tone changed as soon as I told him I was pregnant,” she said. “I’m so confused right now, because haven’t we talked about having a baby for the last eight months?”

Freddie is said to have told Destini that he wasn’t ready for a child, and she is said to have told him that she couldn’t be with him if he wanted an abortion. Destini said that Freddie hasn’t checked up on her, even though she’s pregnant with his child.