Forspoken PS5 & PC New Release Date: Check Out

by Narendra

The release date and time countdown for Forspoken on PS5 and PC via Steam and Epic Games is almost here, and players can still pre-order to get some cool bonuses.

Forspoken could be one of the most interesting games to come out this year. It’s a new IP from Square Enix, which makes it even more interesting. Unfortunately, people have been able to get their hands on early copies, which has led to leaks online, such as the final boss fight.

Even though there have been leaks, soon everyone will be able to put themselves in the shoes of a young New Yorker who has been transported to a magical fantasy land.

Forspoken PS5 & PC New Release Date

Forspoken will come out on PS5 at 21:00 PST on January 23, as well as 00:00 EDT and 00:00 GMT on January 24.

The PSN store has made sure of this. On PC, the Steam countdown says it will come out in one day and eight hours, at 00:00 PST on January 23rd, which is 08:00 PST, 11:00 EDT, and 16:00 GMT on January 24th.

The Epic Games store doesn’t have a countdown, but it should open on PC at the same time. Tomorrow, it’s not coming at all to Xbox Series X/S, which is too bad.

The earliest it could come out on Xbox Series X/S is January 2025, because it’s exclusive to the PS5 console for two years instead of the usual one.

Pre-order Bonuses

Here are the pre-order bonuses for Forspoken:

No Limits Cloak Symbol Necklace Trigger Happy Nails Crafting Starter Kit
The price of the Standard edition is £64.99 or $69.99. There is also a Deluxe edition, which costs £89.99/$94.99 and includes:

Mini Artbook (Digital Download)
Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)
Before-the-story DLC Rare Resource Kit Early Access

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