15 Ways To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile (Advanced Guide)

by Narendra

No doubt, Lag in PUBG mobile while fighting with the enemy, is the most annoying thing that every PUBG lover hate. That totally ruins the game and increases frustration. There are tons of reason hidden behind pubg mobile Lag that not every pubg player know; it might be not proper device settings, less RAM, not suitable PUBG mobile setting like these there is a plethora of reason that causing issues behind pubg lagging. But clam down yourself, Here in this article I will going to tell you the ultimate solution after that you don’t have to face any lagging issue in pubg. So let’s Begin.

For Better understanding, I am going to divide pubg lag issues solutions into two parts, In which one part show you the lag fixes from your device (smartphone) Settings. The second one fixes lag from graphics settings So no further late, let’s start.

Fix Lagging Issue in PUBG Mobile

There are two part divided to prevent lag in PUBG Mobile:

  • Using correct smartphone settings
  • Using suitable PUBG internal Settings

Part: 1 Using Correct Smartphone Settings and Tips to Stop Lagging

After applying below device settings, your game’s will boost up to max performance, let’s check out.

1. Enable 4X MSAA

Here is the first change you have to do to boost up your gaming performance. By enabling the 4X MSAA option, it enhances the performance of your games, by forcing android to use 4X multisampling anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 Games like PUBG. That result, your games be more smoother and has better image quality.

Note: After enabling the 4X MSAA option, your battery drains faster because the game using more power and performance. So I recommend you to enable only when you play PUBG.

Enable 4X MSAA  fix pubg lag

To enable 4X MSAA to follow these steps:

Step: 1 Go to your mobile setting.

Step: 2 Scroll down, and click on about phone

Step: 3 Now look for build number, (for Samsung devices go to software information and look for build number)

Step: 4 Now start clicking on build no to unhide developer option.

Step: 5 Now Go back to your mobile setting and scroll down where you will find developer option, Click on that.

Step: 6 Scroll down and look for Force 4x MSAA option and click on that to enable.

That’s it you have to do, now onward you will experience some improved performance while playing PUBG.

Note: Make sure you do not disturb any other settings in developer option, otherwise it might face issues.

2. No Background Running Apps, Play store updates & Downloading

Free of RAM is an essential part of running pubg mobile lag-free, For that, you have to keep in mind that your background running apps, downloading files, and auto-update android apps are clear. So that your smartphone gets more free RAM to use in PUBG Game, and it runs lag-free.

No Background Running Apps

Tip: I suggest you disable or put some unused Inbuilt apps on sleep mode that also help to run PUBG mobile lag free.

3. Turn Off Unused Services

Every smartphone has various services to enhance user experiences such as smart view, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, torch, location, AOD, Dark mode, and much more. If it enables while playing the game, then the result is lower performance and too many lags. So I recommend you to close these types of service while playing PUBG mobile.

Turn Off Unused Services for fix lagging pubg

4. Install PUBG Mobile In Internal Storage Device

Every Game runs by using their files, but what if your game files are store in less speed storage like SD card or other. That result shows in your gameplay in terms of high lagging. For that, I recommend installing your Game (PUBG) in the internal storage with a rapid capacity rate. Moreover, where you never lose your files instead of the SD card, it might be corrupt due to high usage.

PUBG Mobile In Internal Storage Device

5. Software Update

Smartphones come with various android versions, and it also provides the user with an upgraded version or any new update that improves the performance & security of mobile. But many of us not keep our smartphone up to date, and that also the central point where the old system does not correlate with your new game, and that result causes lag in your gaming. So I recommend you to update your smartphone as quickly as possible to the new update version.

To update your device, you have to go in device setting>> scroll down to bottom>> click on software update.

6. Plenty of Free Device Storage

Every game or apps needs space to store there files like cache file, app file, data file, and more. And as we play the game more and more there files size also keep increasing, and if we don’t have enough space to store those files, then it might cause a heating problem and lagging issue while playing game (PUBG). So I recommend you to keep some free space in your internal storage.

 Plenty of Free Device Storage for fix lag in pubg

7. Uninstall Unnecessary Apk’s

Unnecessary apps and games eat RAM, storage space, and sometimes it runs in the background that implies slowing the primary app process, and that might be the main reason in your case to lag pubg. For that, you should have to uninstall unused apps. To do that, go to your mobile setting >> choose apps option>> select apps that you are not using and uninstall it now.

8. Inbuilt Game Booster

Nowadays, every smartphone company comes with the inbuilt game launcher and booster that have work to give ultimate performance to your game by reducing various apps performance that is not in use. Also, it contains features like do not disturb record screen, resolution, and graphics settings. So I recommend you to enable a game booster that improves your pubg gameplay and fix lagging problem if any happens.

In built Game Booster for fix lag

To enable game booster in Samsung smartphone, Go to device setting >> scroll down and look for an advanced feature and click on it >> then scroll down and look for game launcher option >> turn on.

For other devices, you can search game launcher or game booster on the upper search bar of the device setting.

9. Clean Cache

Cleaning cache is the best way to remove lousy cache files that causes an issue in apps and gaming, Every apps and game contains there cache files to load it fast, but sometimes it also causees issue like lagging of pubg mobile in a smartphone, for that I recommend you to clean your PUBG mobile cache file properly.

Clean Cache

To-Do you just have to into PUBG mobile app info, or Another way is going to your device setting >> Scroll down and click on apps option >> where choose PUBG >> and at the bottom click on a clean cache.

10. Smartphone Battery Charge Factor

You might get shocked! Lagging issue while playing PUBG also happen with less battery charge, Yes! The reason behind this factor is that whenever our battery low, our device automatically optimized our app and games for battery, which implies less performance in gaming. So I suggest you whenever you play PUBG mobile, making sure that your device is fully charged or above 50%.

11. Do not Charge While Playing

Do not Charge While Playing
Via: Pixabay

Charger connected, and you are playing pubg. This is also the major problem for lagging in-game. The reason behind this is your smartphone getting less charged and high usage in a game that causes a heating issue that implies smartphones automatically lower the performance of your game that causes high lag. So I recommend you first to charge your device upto 50% then you can play.

Part: 2 Using suitable PUBG internal Settings

12. Best Graphics Setting

Choosing high graphics settings to play pubg mobile, also causing an issue of lagging if you do not have sufficient RAM (4GB+). For that, make sure you can choose the perfect setting, for instance, smooth graphics and high frame rate that helps you to provide good graphics with the ultimate frame rate.

Best Graphics Setting for pubg lag fix

13. Own Region Server

In pubg mobile, there are various servers available in different locations, such as Asia, Europe, America, and more. Make sure you choose the right and low ping server that available in your location so that you get high ping connectivity that does solve your lagging problem.

Region Server

14. Check Internet

Check Internet

Slow Internet is also the primary factor that is causing issues of lagging in pubg mobile; if you are using internet data, make sure its the fastest otherwise, choosing a good broadband connection is the best way to solve internet lagging issues if any.

15. Reinstall New Version

If above all lagging solution doesn’t work for you, then reinstall PUBG Mobile with the new version is the best option you can do that definitely solve your lagging issue.

Reinstall New Version

Wrapping Up: PUBG Mobile Lag Issue Fixed

These were the ultimate solution and tips you have to follow if you are getting lags in pubg continuously. All the tips are proven and find useful for every PUBG lover, Moreover, these tips and setting works well with PUBG Mobile lite also. So make sure you read the article carefully and follow all the steps given. Apart from that, I suggest you not use any third-party apps to increase graphics or speed of the game because these tools are not genuine proved so that it might steal your data and hack your device.

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