Solved: Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On

by Narendra

Several users have been reported that their Fitbit versa smartwatch won’t turn on after the last night of charging it suddenly turn hot & stuck on black screen. Some users also have issues of randomly draining the battery fast, Fitbit versa won’t start after getting wet. And there is lots of other Fitbit versa smartwatches issue that users are facing. But worry not.

Here we have lined up some of the best solutions that users approved that their Fitbit versa smart watch now turns on and working well. So what are we waiting for let’s get started!

1. Clean Charging Dock & Watch

If your Fitbit versa smartwatch won’t turn on then it might be happing due to insufficient charging of watch. We all forget to clean the dock back panel golden dots plus smartwatch that result it won’t charge watch perfectly and cause fast battery draining for Fitbit versa issue & black screen. So, use a clean soft cloth or small brush to clean and try again for charging at least 2-3 hours.

2. Press Power Button Correctly

We know you have already done this method but not correctly, sometimes Fitbit versa won’t turn on issue happens due to defective power button. So here I’d recommend you to press the power button repeatedly for 2 minutes, press the button and leave then wait and then press for some second. Keep doing this procedure.

If still smartwatch not turning on then either its power button defective case that you have to go to repairing store or check out the next solution.

3. Turn Off feature

If your Fitbit versa smartwatch stopped working after getting wet then I’d recommend you to wait for some hours to dry the watch completely, plus use a silicon packet to absorb water. After that, Fitbit versa 3 smartwatches come with a water lock feature that automatically turns on.

So when smartwatch is dried then double press the side button or press and hold for some second to unlock that feature and it will work well as regular.

4. Check Power adapter

Are you charging your Fitbit versa smart watch with original power adapter or through port? If you’re not charging with right device that might occur problem with watch due to insufficient charging and fast battery draining. So I’d recommend you to use power adapter or change power adapter if it is years old.

5. Restart 3 Times

If Fitbit versa watch won’t turn on or stuck at the black screen then try to restart the watch again and again. If there is a problem with software then it automatically starts the fresh setup.

To restart Fitbit versa series watch you just have to hold button for at least 20 seconds until logo appears. If you have an old or latest-gen Fitbit versa watch that might have more buttons then just press all of them and try to restart it to solve your problem.

6. For Fitbit Versa Wrist Movement Problem

If your Fitbit versa smartwatch not working with wrist movement then the solution is simple you just have to turn on the auto motion. To do that, follow these steps first you have to open settings of your watch then look for screen wake and then select auto motion. That’s all. Now, whenever you move your wrist it automatically works well.

7. Apply Clock Face

If you are able to access Fitbit app but watch stuck on black screen then I’d recommend you to try changing clock face by using Fitbit app on your smartphone. There are some simple steps you have to follow to change the clock face and remove that stuck black screen.

1. First you have to install Fitbit app on your mobile.

2. Now click on your profile icon and select Fitbit watch.

3. Now go to the gallery option and from the top select beautiful clock & install. That’s it now it automatically set to the watch and starts working well.

If still no progress then from mobile app click on sync button to sync.

8. Contact Company

If your Fitbit versa watch still not working then you should have to contact the company and solve this issue. You will get all the details of watch company from the contact us page. So be free and ask for help.

Wrap up: Fitbit versa issue solved

These were some of working methods that surely turn on your smartwatch. The only thing you have to remember is to clean watch and dock plus do not overcharge, which decreases the life of watch.

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