Firestick app won’t run without Google Play Services

by Sourabh


Get the latest version by downloading two APKS with these names from APK mirror.

  1. Google Play Store (Android TV) 2. Google Play services (Android TV)
  2. They can be downloaded from the device’s browser (make sure Java is turned on) or from the device’s memory card.
  3. Once you have them on the device, you can install them, but you don’t have to start them up. I put 1 and then 2 in.
  4. Run the app that was giving you the error before, and it should now work.

How to solve google play service problems in TV

How do I enable Google Play Services on my TV?

  1. Press the HOME button on the IR remote control that came with the TV.
  2. Select Settings from the Settings menu.
  3. Choose Apps from the TV section.
  4. Select Google Play Service from the list of apps for the system.

What happens if I disable Google Play store?

If you turn off Play Store, its icon will no longer be on the home screen or in the app drawer. You won’t be able to install apps or update them. But nothing will happen to apps that are already out there. They won’t get taken off your phone.

What is the difference between Google Play and Play Store?

It’s easy to tell the difference between the Google Play Store and the Google Store. The Play Store is where you can buy digital content, while the Google Store is where you can buy physical items. Google’s marketplace began as the Android Market, changed to the Play Store, and then split into the Google Store and the Play Store.

Why is the Google Play Store Not Working?

For Google Play Store to work, you need to be connected to the internet or your phone’s data network. Try turning on and off “Airplane Mode” to try to fix your connection. Change the settings for the time and date. When you use Google Play on your Android, the time and date are used.

Why do I need Google Play services?

Google Play services help make sure that an Android device is safe and reliable and that it has the most recent security features. This includes Google Play Protect, which can warn users if an app is known to contain malware.

Why is Google Play Services always running in the background?

What’s going on is that other apps on your phone are using Google Play Services, so it needs power. Limit what your apps can do, especially with location services and things that run in the background, to lower the amount of power they use.

How do you check which app is using Google Play Services?

Open up the Settings menu on your phone.
Scroll down until you see “App details,” then tap that.
Play Services should open in the Google Play Store when the phone is used.
If Play Services isn’t on the list, tap the three-dot menu button and select Show system apps.

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