Fifa 23 World Cup Mode Fut Release Date & Time

by Narendra

Fifa 23 World Cup Mode Fut Release Date & Time: The release date and time countdown for the free FIFA 23 World Cup mode update for Ultimate Team have been revealed, and fans can now download the single-player content that came out today.

Fifa 23 World Cup Mode Fut Release Date & Time

Know that the FIFA 23 World Cup update will be available on all platforms except for Nintendo. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since the Legacy edition is just the same game every year with new kits and players switching teams to match the real-life transfer window.

While the Nintendo game is still very out of date, everyone else can get people excited about the World Cup by making England win in the game.

Fifa 23 World Cup Mode Fut Release Date & Time

The free update for FIFA 23’s World Cup mode Ultimate Team cards will come out on November 11 at 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 GMT.

The FUT update will come out on November 11 at 18:00 UTC, according to EA’s pitch notes. Even though the new FUT update is still a few days away, the November 9th content can now be downloaded on PlayStation in the following sizes:

PS5: 3.87 GB
PS4: 4.90 GB

As for what you can do today, you can play the World Cup kick-off mode from EA. This lets you play as any of the 32 teams that made it, as well as teams like Italy that didn’t make it.

You can also set up your own tournaments and play against the computer or a local friend. You will also be able to join online tournaments as a team of your choice. In the knockout stages of online tournaments, you will only play against four other players, and crossplay will still only be allowed between consoles from the same generation, like PS4 vs. Xbox, PS5 vs. Xbox, and PC.

The above came out on November 9, and the Ultimate Team update is coming on November 11. Football fans can also look forward to World Cup live on November 21. This will let players see how their country is doing in real life without leaving the game.