Farm Dark Matter In The New World ? Steps

by Ekta

Farm Dark Matter In The New World ? Steps : Greetings, adventurers of New World! Today, we’re delving into the enigmatic realm of Dark Matter, a precious resource that can greatly boost your character’s abilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding how to obtain and use Dark Matter is crucial. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery together.

In the vast world of New World, Dark Matter is a resource of immense value. It plays a pivotal role in crafting legendary artifacts and upgrading named items, both of which can significantly enhance your character’s prowess. But how do you acquire this coveted substance? Let’s unravel the secrets.

Farm Dark Matter Crafting Legendary Artifacts

Legendary artifacts are the stuff of legends, powerful weapons and armor pieces adorned with unique names and perks. Crafting these legendary treasures requires not only skill but also the right resources. Dark Matter is one of these crucial resources. To forge legendary artifacts, you need:

1. Artifact Resource

This rare drop can be obtained from high-level bosses or challenging expeditions. It’s a valuable component necessary for crafting legendary artifacts.

2. Maximum Crafting Level

Becoming a master craftsman is no easy feat. You’ll need to reach the maximum level in the relevant crafting profession, be it Weaponsmithing or Arcana. Only then can you unlock the secrets of legendary artifact creation.

Upgrading Named Items

Named items are unique in their own right. They come with fixed names and gear scores but boast random perks, making each one a special find.

You can stumble upon these treasures through various means, such as quests, PvP reward tracks, elite chests, and invasions. However, to truly unlock their potential, you can upgrade named items to make them even more formidable. Here’s how:

1. High Gear Score

Named items with a gear score of 650 or higher are prime candidates for enhancement. These items can be upgraded to a gear score of 700, granting them even more power and versatility.

2. Gypsum Kiln

The Gypsum Kiln serves as the crucible for this transformation. Alongside Dark Matter, you’ll need other materials to fuel the upgrade process. The Gypsum Kiln can be found in your settlements, ready to bring forth the full potential of your named items.

Farm Dark Matter In The New World ? Steps

Now that you understand the importance of Dark Matter, the next step is to obtain it. In New World, this rare substance can be acquired through various methods. Let’s explore these avenues:

1. PvP Reward Track

For those who thrive in the heat of battle, the PvP reward track is a tempting path. This track consists of ten tiers, with Dark Matter as a reward waiting at tier 10, level 10.

Engage in various PvP activities to earn XP for the track. Your dedication will be rewarded with not only Dark Matter but also the chance to claim one artifact weapon per week from this track.

2. Portal Events

Venture into the mysterious new zone known as Elysian Wilds, where portal events await. These events come in various difficulty levels, from minor to major. Your task is to close these portals, and in return, you’ll receive Dark Matter.

The amount you gain depends on the portal’s difficulty level and, of course, your luck. Coordinate with fellow players to successfully seal these rifts and reap the rewards.

3. Dungeons

For those who prefer a more structured challenge, dungeons are the answer. Gather a party of five intrepid adventurers and obtain a tuning orb, which allows you to enter dungeons.

Tuning orbs can be crafted at a stonecutting station using various materials. Once inside, dungeons offer Dark Matter as a reward for your endeavors. Keep in mind that dungeons require a high enough character level and gear score to enter and successfully complete.

The Value of Dark Matter

In the world of New World, Dark Matter is a resource of unparalleled worth. It holds the potential to elevate your character’s strength to new heights.

Whether you’re a PvE enthusiast or a PvP aficionado, Dark Matter is the key to unlocking legendary artifacts and enhancing your named items. But remember, obtaining Dark Matter requires effort and teamwork, so choose your path wisely and embark on this thrilling adventure.


As we conclude our journey through the mysteries of Dark Matter in New World, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights into this precious resource and its significance.

Now, armed with this knowledge, you can venture forth with confidence, ready to craft legendary artifacts and upgrade your named items.

The world of New World is teeming with challenges and opportunities, and Dark Matter is your ticket to becoming a true legend in this vast and wondrous realm.