Eugene Ottinger Power In Wednesday: Explained

by Sourabh

Eugene Ottinger Power In Wednesday: The much-anticipated Wednesday series is now on Netflix. It was first announced in October 2020. Eugene Ottinger has a skill that none of the other characters in the series have. So, who or what is Eugene, and what special abilities does he have?

Fans loved Netflix’s version of the famous Addams Family character because it kept all of the show’s cool and weird parts.

Wednesday’s parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, make her go to Nevermore Academy, a school for people who don’t fit in. This is how the show starts.

Naturally, she meets a lot of magical people. Most of her students are either werewolves or sirens, which gives them special powers. Some of the powers shown are telekinesis, clairvoyance, and controlling electricity, but no one else has a power like Wednesday’s small but powerful friend Eugene.

Eugene Ottinger Power In Wednesday

Eugene Ottinger is a student at Nevermore Academy. He is played by Moose Mostafa. Wednesday meets the boy for the first time when she signs up for his beekeeping club.

He becomes the main character’s first real friend at the academy and helps her figure out why the school is being attacked.

Eugene Ottinger is not just a normal person; he has the psychic ability to control bees. The student can control swarms of bees to attack people. This is called “apikinesis.” Eugene Ottinger is neither a werewolf nor a siren, so he is a normal person with psychic powers.

In the series, the student shows the full extent of this power when he uses a swarm to attack the bad guy, Joseph Crackstone. Eugene is a good friend for Wednesday as the mystery unfolds. He has a power that is both bad and subtle.

They become close because Wednesday says Eugene reminds her of her little brother Pugsley, which is a cute thing to say.

The psychic beekeeper really does go through it for his new friend, and he does so in a brave and nervous way the whole time. Wednesday fans are definitely excited about Moose Mostafa’s performances.

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