ESPN Fantasy Football Waivers Not Working : Solved

by Ekta

ESPN Fantasy Football Waivers Not Working : So you’re all fired up for fantasy football, but you’ve hit a snag with ESPN’s Fantasy Football Waivers.

Maybe you’re having trouble submitting your claims or just need some guidance. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some steps to tackle those waiver issues.

Step 1: Check for Technical Issues

Before you dive into troubleshooting, it’s a smart move to check if there are any known technical problems with ESPN Fantasy Football. Here’s how:

  • Visit ESPN Fantasy Football’s Twitter account or their status page.
  • If they’ve got ongoing issues, they usually post updates on when they expect things to be back to normal.

Step 2: Double Check Your Waiver Claim

Let’s make sure you’re following all the rules for submitting your waiver claim. That’s key. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Submit your claim before the deadline. If you miss it, you might have to wait for the next waiver period.
  • Make sure you have enough roster spots available. If you’re already at your roster limit, you won’t be able to pick up a new player.
  • If multiple managers want the same player, the one with the highest waiver priority gets the prize.

Step 3: Try Submitting Your Claim Again

If you’re not sure whether your waiver claim went through correctly, it’s okay to give it another shot. Follow these guidelines:

  • Double-check the waiver deadline and be on time.
  • Ensure you have roster spots available.
  • If others are after the same player, it’s all about that waiver priority.

Sometimes a little retry is all you need to make sure your claim gets in the game.

Step 4: Wait It Out

Here’s the thing, sometimes the problem with ESPN Fantasy Football Waivers isn’t a permanent one. It might just need some time to sort itself out. So, if you’ve tried the steps above and still face issues, consider this:

  • Be patient and wait it out. It might fix itself in a few hours or a day.

Remember, technical hiccups, lots of traffic, or even a simple user mistake can all cause waiver headaches. But by following these steps and being a bit patient, you can up your chances of successfully managing your waivers in ESPN Fantasy Football. So hang in there and get back to enjoying your fantasy football fun!