Error Connecting to Activision Account in MW2 : Solved

by Narendra

Players who try to connect Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to their Activision account are now getting an “error connecting to Activision account” message. Here’s how to start and what could be done to fix it.

The “account could not be linked” error message makes it impossible for players to link their Activision account to a Steam or account.

But some players have also told Activision about the problem even though they haven’t linked their accounts to anything before. Even though Activision hasn’t released an official patch yet, there are a few things you could try that might fix the problem.

Error Connecting to Activision Account in MW2

Your Steam and/or accounts need to be unlinked and reconnected

Sign in to your Activision account on your desktop. Once you’re done, go to “Profile” and click “Account Linking.” From there, you can either click “unlink” on your Steam account or “relink” on your account. The site will then ask you for more information about how to finish the process of relinking.

Check if a file is correct

If you are playing the game on PC through Steam or, you can check and fix the integrity of the game’s files by going to either client. If there are any problems, they will be fixed by the client itself after a short time.

Make a new account with Activision

If none of the above fixes work, make a new Activision account with a different email address. After disconnecting all of your old accounts, link your Steam and accounts to your new Activision account.

Why does the Activision Account Error Occur?

Your Activision account can’t be linked because it’s already linked to another account of the same type.

It could be because of a bug or mistake with your linked account.

A lot of MW2 users are upset because they can’t connect to their accounts.

They don’t seem to be able to link Activision to their Steam or accounts.

Some of them have never linked accounts before, but they still can’t do it.

One problem is this: “@ATVIAssist, I need help connecting my Activision account. My account is not already linked to a Blizzard account, even though it says it is.

Another one says, “I tried to link my Activision account to my Steam account, but it says that my Steam account is linked to another account, which is not true.”