Eric Braeden Reveals Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

by Narendra

Eric Braeden Reveals Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Plan: Eric Braeden, best known for his role on the television show “Young & the Restless,” recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer. In a video shared on Facebook on April 21, Eric shared his story with fans.

Eric explained that he had been experiencing issues with his prostate after undergoing a knee replacement surgery. Despite the diagnosis, he plans to continue acting while undergoing weekly treatment for six weeks. Eric did not provide any further details about his cancer diagnosis or treatment plan.

Fans of Eric and “Young & the Restless” were quick to offer their support and well wishes to the actor during this difficult time. Many commented on the Facebook video, expressing their love and admiration for Eric and his work.

Eric Braeden has been a fixture on “Young & the Restless” since 1980, playing the character of Victor Newman. He has won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for his performance on the show and is considered one of the most iconic soap opera actors of all time.

Despite his recent diagnosis, Eric remains committed to his work and his fans. He expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support he has received and his determination to overcome his cancer diagnosis.

What Happened to Eric Braeden

Star of Young and the Restless Eric Braeden is in the news right now because he said that he has cancer and is getting high-grade cancerous cells near his bladder treated with immunotherapy.

He used his social media account to post a 13-minute video in which he talked about everything that was wrong. He said that the health scare happened while he was recovering from knee replacement surgery.

He said that he was having trouble with his prostate. He said, “I hate to be so personal, but I think this might be good for some older guys who may or may not listen to this.”

He also said, “It got so bad that I couldn’t go to the bathroom.” And that, my friends, is one of the most painful things I’ve ever been through.”

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