Email Username & Password Clue In Supernormal : Complete Guide

by Narendra
Email Username And Password Clue In Supernormal

Get ready for a thrilling journey in the world of Supernormal, the latest horror mystery game that’s gripping players around the globe.

This game isn’t just about jump scares; it’s a mind-bending puzzle that requires sharp wits and keen observation. Players are plunged into an eerie atmosphere where the key to unraveling the mystery lies in finding subtle clues.

However, many gamers are finding it challenging to locate these clues, as they are cleverly hidden and not straightforward.

The ultimate goal? To discover the elusive email login and password that unlock the truth. Let’s dive into the spine-chilling world of Supernormal and uncover its secrets.

What Is Supernormal?

Supernormal is the newest addition to the horror mystery gaming genre, set within the confines of an apartment. This game takes players on a spine-tingling journey to find out what happened to Sakamoto’s daughter, Sophia.

As players move through the game, they must collect various clues scattered throughout the house to solve the overarching mystery.

But beware, the game is not as straightforward as it seems. The apartment hides an eerie Ghost Girl, a terrifying presence that players must avoid at all costs.

If she catches you, it’s instant game over. This means players need to be constantly alert, using their surroundings to their advantage while searching for clues.

The tension and challenge of avoiding the ghost while piecing together the puzzle add to the game’s immersive experience.

What Is Supernormal Email And Password?

In Supernormal, players face a critical challenge during the game’s later phases. They are tasked with finding the correct email username and password.

This task is a multi-phase puzzle, with the clue for the email name coming before the password. To successfully navigate this challenge, players must utilize the surveillance camera within the apartment.

This game has a unique looping mechanism, meaning new clues might appear each time you use the camera. For those struggling, here’s a helping hand: the Email Username is “Mark2009” and the Password is “SWEETPJK”.

Once these are discovered, players can use them on the laptop to read a crucial message from Sophia, which is pivotal for progressing in the game.

Locations Of Password Clues In Supernormal

In the intriguing game of Supernormal, players are on a quest to find password clues hidden throughout an apartment. This mission is vital for unlocking the secrets of the game.

The clues are dispersed in various locations, each revealing a part of the password when certain actions are performed.

For example, when players turn off the flashing bathroom light, they discover the first part of the password, “1 S”. In the kitchen, turning off the light switch reveals “5 T”.

As players move upstairs and interact with the hallway switch, they find “2 W”. The clues continue to unfold as players explore the apartment, including interactions with bedroom tables and light switches.

Each location offers a unique piece of the puzzle, guiding players towards the complete password.

This process of finding and assembling the clues adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the game, making the journey through Supernormal both challenging and rewarding.

Supernormal Username and Password Secret

In Supernormal, the discovery of the username and password is a pivotal moment. The game cleverly hides these credentials, requiring players to piece together various clues.

The username, “Mark2009,” is a combination of clues found throughout the apartment. Each part of this username is a piece of a larger puzzle, discovered through exploration and interaction with the game’s environment.

Similarly, the password “SWEETPJK” is another set of clues that players must compile.

This process of finding the username and password is not just a task; it’s an immersive experience that draws players deeper into the game’s narrative.

The secret behind these credentials is more than just a means to progress in the game; it’s a journey through the mysterious and eerie world of Supernormal, engaging players in a deeper level of storytelling and exploration.

How to Find all Clues in Supernormal

In the captivating world of Supernormal, you step into the shoes of a detective on a mission to unravel the mystery of a missing girl named Sophia.

This quest takes you through a house brimming with ominous clues, each pointing towards the unfolding narrative. However, discovering these clues is no simple task.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to locating all the crucial clues in Supernormal, ensuring you don’t miss a beat in this eerie adventure.

All Kitchen Clue Locations in Supernormal

The kitchen in Supernormal holds six essential clues. Start with the Ouija board located on a shelf as you enter the kitchen from the living room.

It’s right near the top of the wall. Don’t forget to examine the first set of dirty dishes on the counter. Hidden matches are next – find them to the left of these dishes, beside the oven.

Make sure to zoom in closely to confirm you’ve found this clue. Another clue is a streak of blood behind the pot. It might be tricky, so zoom in and try different angles.

Also, there are more matches beside the dishes, and don’t overlook the dirty dishes in the sink. The last clue here is the bloody handprints on the cutting board.

All Entryway Clue Locations in Supernormal

The entryway of the house conceals four pieces of paper, which are essential clues. You’ll find three of these on the right side table, near the phone. The last one is a bit more hidden, tucked between the broken mirror and the entry bench on the left side of the door.

All Bathroom Clue Locations in Supernormal

In the bathroom, you need to click the button above the toilet. This will allow you to move your camera and find the clues. There are only three clues here. Start with the sink, then check the flush, and finally, the bloody handprints on the toilet bowl.

All Bedroom Clue Locations in Supernormal

The bedroom is relatively straightforward. Upon entering, look to the right of the couch. There, you’ll find a stack of pills on a table beside the bed. Examine them, then turn your camera to the left to inspect the pills on the couch arm. Both need to be examined to achieve the objective.

All Laundry Room Clue Locations

The laundry room upstairs is sparse but holds two important clues. First, find the pistol on the pile of clothes. Then, locate the bloody handprint on the washing machine.

All Living Room Clues in Supernormal

The living room is tricky, as you won’t be able to gather all the clues until midway through the game. Initially, focus near the piano. There’s a bloody handprint on the piano keys – inspect it thoroughly. While examining the piano, shift your camera to look at the recess above. Here, you’ll find more bloody handprints near the vase and the light. The next clue, the Ouija board planchette, will appear later on the kitchen island, leaning against a jar of nuts.

All Email and Password Clue Locations in Supernormal

To start finding clues for the email and password, you need to witness the first cutscene with the ghost girl. After this, head downstairs and use the computer to look at the laundry room. You may have to turn off the light again here to reveal a message instructing you to “find the email”.

Back upstairs in the bedroom, a cutscene with bloody footprints will lead you down to the entryway. Be cautious not to get ahead of the ghost girl, or she’ll knock you out. Once she leaves a bloody handprint on the light, turn it off and use the camera to find your next clue in night vision, revealing “1 MA”.

Continue the search by approaching the laundry room for another cutscene. Then, look at the bedroom hallway light with the computer. Once it’s off, check it again to uncover “2 RK”.

After yet another cutscene near the bedroom, head down to view the kitchen on the computer. Turn off the kitchen light to see the next clue, “3 2009,” on the computer. This completes the username: MARK2009.

For the password, notice if the bathroom light is flashing. Turning it off reveals “1 S”. In the kitchen, turn off the light beside the window to find “5 T”.

Upstairs, interact with the hallway light for “2 W”, and then at the top landing lightswitch for “6 P”. Downstairs, after a series of movements, turn off the light next to the fireplace for “3 E”, and in the living room, the switch above the left side couch for “7 J”.

Upstairs, interact with the light before entering the bedroom on the right for “8 K”. Finally, back downstairs, flip the switch above the right couch for “4 E”.

With all these clues combined, you’ve got the password “SWEETPJK” and the username MARK2009. Now, you’re all set to solve the mystery and uncover the truth behind Sophia’s disappearance. Remember, in Supernormal, every clue counts and brings you one step closer to the elusive good ending. Good luck, detective!

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