Elite Season 6 Soundtrack : Each & Every Song of Elite Season 6

by Ami Dalsania

Elite Season 6 Soundtracks: Every season has also been full of music, and now that Isadora has opened a new club in season 6, each episode is full of songs that are perfect for a party.

On Friday, November 18, 2022, Season 6 of Elite came out on Netflix.

Elite Season 6 Soundtrack

As a new school year starts at Las Encinas, the new season picks up after Samuel’s death in season 5.

In the new episodes, there is a new principal who wants to fix the school’s reputation, and many new students make themselves known.

Ari’s head is turned by the newcomer. Nico, Isadora opens a new club in town, and Iván and his father, Cruz, have to deal with a series of hard problems.

But what songs are on the soundtrack for season 6 of Elite?

Elite Season 6 Soundtracks

There is music in every episode of Elite season 6, and the songs on the soundtrack are:

Episode 1 – Anxiety

Episode 2 | Selfies

Episode 3 | Naked

Episode 4 | War

Episode 5 | Mourning

Episode 6 | Tina

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