Eliminate HVT Contract Mission in DMZ Warzone 2

by Ami Dalsania

Eliminate HVT Contract Mission in DMZ Warzone 2: In Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, the “Key Elimination” mission might be hard to finish if you don’t know what to do. With the release of Warzone 2, a brand new mode called DMZ has been added.

Squads will be given different Faction Missions to do in DMZ, which is like Escape from Tarkov. There is a mission in Tier 2 of the Legion faction that asks players to “Eliminate the HVT Contract” and take a key from it “to open a locked space.”

Eliminate HVT Contract Mission in DMZ Warzone 2

But many players are confused by this task because they don’t know where to look. Find out how to finish the “Key Elimination” mission in DMZ Warzone 2 by reading on.

Eliminate HVT Contract Mission in DMZ Warzone 2

One of the Tier 2 missions given by the Legion faction in Warzone 2 is called “Key Elimination.” It takes place in the DMZ. It’s made up of three things, which we’ll list below:

  1. Finish an Eliminte HVT contract.
  2. Get a key from an HVT or somewhere else.
  3. Use a key to get into a place that is locked.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty easy mission. But there are some questions at almost every step. Before you can get rid of an HVT Contract, you’ll need to find it.

So, open your map and move it around to look for the green icons that stand for goals. You need to go to the one that says “Eliminate HVT Contract” once you find it.

If you go to that place, you’ll find a green phone there. You can talk to it by pressing F, which will move the mission on to the next step.

Now, the mission will tell you where to go so you can finish the Eliminate HVT Contract. Not everyone is in the same place. Once you get there, you should basically kill everyone you see.

Your High-Value Target will be one of the NPCs there (HVT). Make sure to pick up the key that will fall from their dead body. Each time, this key will be for a different place.

Most of the time, the key will have green coordinates next to its name. And you’ll need to go there to “open a locked space.” Don’t forget that you don’t have to use this exact key to finish this step. If you have a key for any other door that is locked, it will work.