Edge of Earth episode 1  release date, Episodes, and where to watch

by Narendra

This article gives you a sneak peek at the first episode of the HBO documentary series Edge of Earth. It tells you when it will come out and where you can watch it online.

HBO keeps adding more documentaries to its list for 2022. After the debut of The Anarchist, HBO added Edge of Earth, a documentary series that will mix action-adventure, sports, travel, and nature.

The four-part series follows four groups of top athletes as they do things that have never been done before. In each episode, the athletes will go where they have never gone before, shown in great shots from all over the world and showcasing undiscovered parts of nature. There will be a physical test. The key will be having a strong mind. Edge of Earth is a must-see documentary series that goes up mountains, across rivers, and across oceans.

Edge of the Earth | Official Trailer | HBO

Edge of Earth episode 1 release date and time 

The first episode will come out on July 12, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. We don’t think that the plan will change just yet.

Where to watch Edge of Earth episode 1 online

Edge of Earth can be seen on HBO at the above date and time. Episodes will also be taken off of their HBO Max streaming service.

How many episodes will the Edge of Earth  series have?

There will be four episodes in season 1, and the network will air one episode every week. We don’t think there will be another season.

Team behind the Edge of Earth series?

  • Snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Elena Hight.
  • Skier Griffin Post.
  • Kayakers Ben Stookesberry, Nouria Newman, and Erik Boomer.
  • Climbers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger.
  • Surfers Ian Walsh and Grant “Twiggy” Baker.
  • Directed by Steve and Todd Jones.
  • Produced by Drew Holt
  • Executive producers Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Bentley Weiner from HBO
  • Coordinating producer, Abtin Motia.