DyavolX Aryan Khan Brand Jacket Sold Out Within Few Hours Of Launch

by Narendra

DyavolX Aryan Khan Brand Jacket Sold Out Within Few Hours Of Launch: Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, recently launched his clothing brand called D’YAVOL.

The brand has been making waves in the fashion industry with its high-end and unique designs. One of the brand’s latest offerings is the Signature X jacket, which is priced at a whopping Rs. 2 lakh.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this luxury item and its significance in the fashion industry.

DyavolX Jacket Sold Out Within Few Hours Of Launch

The Signature X jacket is the most expensive item in the D’YAVOL collection, and it has been the subject of much discussion since its launch. The jacket is made from premium quality leather and features intricate designs that are inspired by traditional Indian art.

The Signature X jacket is also highly customizable, with customers being able to choose from a range of colors and designs to create a unique piece. The jacket comes with a personalized label, which features the customer’s name and the date of purchase.

The Significance of Luxury Clothing Brands

The launch of the Signature X jacket is significant because it highlights the growing demand for luxury clothing brands in India. The country’s burgeoning middle class, along with its wealthy elite, are driving the growth of the luxury fashion industry, which is now worth billions of dollars.

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Luxury clothing brands like D’YAVOL cater to this growing demand by offering high-end and exclusive products that are designed to appeal to the country’s affluent consumers. These brands are also contributing to the growth of the Indian fashion industry by promoting local craftsmanship and talent.

The Criticism of Luxury Clothing Brands

While luxury clothing brands like D’YAVOL have their supporters, they are also subject to criticism. Many people argue that the high prices of these products are excessive and that they perpetuate inequality and social divisions.

Critics also point out that the production of luxury clothing often involves exploiting low-wage workers and using unsustainable materials. These practices are at odds with the values of sustainability and social responsibility that are becoming increasingly important to today’s consumers.

DyavolX Aryan Khan Brand Jacket Sold Out Within Few Hours Of Launch

Despite the criticism, the Signature X jacket was a huge success for D’YAVOL. Within hours of its launch, the jacket had sold out, with many customers eagerly waiting for it to be restocked.

The success of the jacket highlights the appeal of luxury fashion products and the growing demand for high-end and exclusive items. It also shows the potential for Indian fashion brands to compete with global luxury brands in the international market.


The launch of Aryan Khan’s clothing brand and its Signature X jacket highlights the growing demand for luxury fashion in India. While these brands offer high-end and exclusive products that appeal to the country’s wealthy consumers, they are also subject to criticism for perpetuating inequality and unsustainable practices.

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It is important for luxury clothing brands to take steps to address these issues and promote sustainability and social responsibility in their production processes. By doing so, they can continue to cater to the growing demand for luxury fashion while also contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future.